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helping talented writers publish exceptional books

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The Berlin Tunnel
My Name is Rose
Carry Me Home
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Keep Forever - eBook.jpg
Once in a Blood Moon - eBook.jpg
Things My Mama Never Told Me - eBook NEW.jpg
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Choosing Hope
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Acorn Publishing is an imprint for talented writers who are serious about their craft, and want their work to reach the widest possible audience. Our team of experienced industry professionals work to ensure your story has the best possible shot at success in today's crowded market.



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Wings of Silk - eBook.jpg
Dark Paradise
K.A. Fox
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Queen of Chaos
Against All Enemies - eBook.jpg
Still Breathing
Alyssa Petersel
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Laura Findley Evans,
Author of

The Dragon and The Girl

"Two years after publishing my first novel with Acorn, True North has earned me over 2 ½ times my initial investment. Publishing it on my own seemed impossible. Trying to go the traditional route seemed daunting as well. An author can spend years trying to find an agent and then hope they can sell it to a publisher. Enter Acorn Publishing! Instead of taking years, the process took mere months. Now my book is garnering 5-star reviews, while I’m able to focus on writing more books.”  

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Ben Spada Author Photo.jpeg

Benjamin Spada,
the Black Spear Series
Military Writers Society of America Gold Medal Winner

"The Acorn team were the experts I needed in my corner to help make that jump from the art of writing to the business of publishing. They were there every step of the way, ready to assist with insight into any decision however monumental or trivial, to ensure that my book was the absolute best it could be. Most importantly: it always remained my book. The respect the Acorn team has for staying true to the author’s vision was invaluable and immensely rewarding for my debut writing experience." 

FNG-A Blackspear Novel - eBook.jpg
Eileen Photo - NEW.JPG

Eileen Lundquist,
Author of
Wings of Silk

"Acorn Publishing was the answer to my childhood dream. I have wanted to write a novel that reflects my heritage for as long as I can remember. English is my second language. Acorn Publishing matched me with an incredible ghostwriter, who worked with me for six months to translate my story into beautifully written prose. From there, they created a gorgeous cover design that I absolutely love. The interior design and book blurb are outstanding. I'm so proud of the legacy Acorn helped me create. I’m so lucky a company like Acorn exists."

Wings of Silk - eBook (1).jpg.webp
Kristi Fox

K. A. Fox,
USA TODAY Best-Selling Author of the Murphy's Law Series

"My experience with Acorn has been everything I hoped it would be. What I've learned from them along the way has been invaluable and there have been more opportunities to grow my readership and my career as an author because of them. They even secured an overseas traditional publishing deal for my first book and connected me with my film and television agent. Thank you Acorn - you made this author's dream come true."

The Devil's Own
Alyssa Petersel

Alyssa Petersel, 

Somehow I Am Different

Kirkus Indie Book of the Year

"I feel empowered by my work with Acorn Publishing and grateful to have found Holly and Jessica at a relatively early stage in my writing journey. My involvement in this process has given me invaluable knowledge and ownership of the material to an extent I would not have otherwise. Holly and Jessica have been a consistent support system. Most importantly, I feel heard and supported in the work that I love to do. Thank you, Acorn Publishing, for my "crash course" and for ceaseless community and encouragement."

Somehow I am Different
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