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Alyssa Petersel, Author of Somehow I am Different
Winner of Kirkus Reviews, Indie Book of the Year

I feel empowered by my work with Acorn Publishing and grateful to have found Holly and Jessica at a relatively early stage in my writing journey. Leading up to the release of my debut nonfiction anthology, Somehow I Am Different, I maintained control over creative decisions like cover art, font choice, and formatting decisions. My involvement in this process has given me invaluable knowledge and ownership of the material to an extent I would not have otherwise. Since my book's publication in March 2016, Holly and Jessica have been a consistent support system, particularly in guiding me in joining them at the L.A. Times Book Festival and Vegas Valley Book Festival, which both led not only to book sales, but to heightened confidence and excitement about the work. I feel well versed and grounded in industry knowledge and norms. Most importantly, I feel heard and supported in the work that I love to do. Thank you, Acorn Publishing, for my 'crash course' and for ceaseless community and encouragement."

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With deft prose, Petersel seamlessly weaves together Jewish voices with evocative descriptions of the sights, sounds, and smells of her Hungarian surroundings. Although the book focuses on Hungarian Jewish life, its historical context, provocative questions about identity and culture, and captivating writing will engage and educate a very broad audience. A journey through the lives of young Eastern European Jews that’s not to be missed.

- Kirkus Reviews

Somehow I am Different - Alyssa Petersel
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Think of this experience as business school for publishing, or publishing bootcamp. If your manuscript is accepted into the collective, we will teach you everything you need to know to publish your manuscript and provide you with the most cost effective, high quality formatters, line editors, blog tour managers, etc. While you learn the ropes, we will create your high-end, custom cover design. In the end, you will leave our program with a polished, professional book that rivals the content and quality of your favorite reads at Barnes & Noble. You’ll be published under an established, respected imprint that includes award-winning, best-selling authors, but get to keep all of your rights and all of your profits. No other hybrid will give you 100% of your rights and 100% your profits.


Your “PhD” in book publishing

Your book available to bookstores and ebook distributors worldwide

Custom ebook, paperback, and hardcover designs by a high-end graphic designer

3 social media graphics for your author announcement, cover reveal, and release day

Marketing promotion on Acorn Publishing website, newsletter, and social media

Our branded Acorn Publishing logo on your book

ISBN numbers for paperback and hardcover

* Unlike other hybrids, we don’t require a print run which can cost authors thousands of unnecessary dollars.

Our print and ship model requires zero upfront costs for book printing and you do not need to pay extra for book storage.

Join our prestigious collective of best-selling, award-winning authors



Barnes & Noble Book Signings


Guidance From Industry Professionals


Foreign Rights Representation

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Print & Ebook Distribution


Organized Book Events

On her experience with Acorn Publishing

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Jan Steele

Honestly, Acorn Publishing is amazing. I would have never been able to do this on my own. There are so many things I would have never known to do. Their guidance and support is invaluable."


Marketing & Promotional Support

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Award-Winning Writers


Best-Selling Books


Acorn Publishing Book Review Club


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On his experience with Acorn Publishing

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Mikel J. Wilson

I made the right decision when I signed with Acorn Publishing. The team offered me a clear path to success in publishing my first mystery novel. In addition to giving me insightful feedback that strengthened and elevated my book, they provided a clear, step-by-step process for shepherding it to publication and beyond. They’ve been my strongest advocates and my biggest cheerleaders, and I look forward to publishing with them for years to come."

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FREE Custom Cover Design


A Community of Supportive Authors


Release Day Marketing Strategy

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Custom Interior Book Formatting

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Keep Your Rights & Profits

On her experience with Acorn Publishing

Lori Oliver-Tierney
Lori Oliver-Tierney

The love and patience Acorn showed as I literally trudged along in this journey was admirable. They are the best. They inspired and drove me on. I can never thank them enough."

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