Acorn Publishing offers a variety of services for our authors who decide to publish us. Below is an itemized list of what we provide to authors who are accepted under our imprint.

·        A detailed publishing timeline extending 6-8 months prior to publication
·        Our professional guidance, feedback, and support on ALL aspects of the publishing process

·        A responsive team who will email you back within 48 hours about any issue, any time of day

·        Weekly emails with step-by-step instructions and downloadable guides that walk you through the process

·        Identification of target audience and genre placement

·        Assistance in creating a pitch and summary blurb for the back cover of your book before posting an official announcement of your signing on our website and social media

·        Inclusion on the Acorn Publishing website and relevant announcements in our monthly newsletter/newsfeed related to your book

·        Consultation and feedback on creating a professional online author presence (social media, website, etc.)

·        Cover Design

·        Free ISBNs and “Publishing by Acorn Publishing” on all retailer sites

·        A branded logo for the spine of your book

·        Marketing and promotional support in the form of social media, newsletters, our established book review club, and representation at multiple book festivals in California where we will sell your book for you

·        Connection with other Acorn Publishing authors and several other established blogging/promotional groups

·        Direction on navigating and placing your book on

·        A detailed breakdown of how to host a successful virtual launch party, and blog tour.

·        Instructions on how to properly execute your cover reveal

·        Guidance on interior book details including trim size, and details related to the design of your hardcover

·        Creation of a custom and targeted Release Day Marketing Strategy guide

·        Instructions on how to upload files to book retailer sites and print ARCs for early reviews

·        ZERO upfront cost for print setup (Unlike other hybrid publishing companies, we do not recommend a print run which can cost authors thousands up front. Our print and ship model requires zero upfront cost to authors and no storage of books)

·        Instructions on how to create e-books and where to upload your e-book for distribution

·        Marketing direction on how to promote a $0.99 promotional deal for your e-book in order to increase Amazon ranking

·        Direction on building a mailing list

·        Instructions on how to produce an audio book for ZERO upfront cost

·        Instructions on how to file copyright and acquire a Library of Congress Control Number

·        A detailed breakdown of how to prepare for book festivals, including all the things you’ll need, how to approach buyers, and an invitation to participate in the festivals we attend so you can receive one-on-one training·        A list of our recommended book awards to apply for

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