What Makes Acorn Publishing Different?

First, a little background... In 2012 one of our co-owners, Jessica Therrien, was picked up by a traditional publishing house. Her book, OPPRESSION, became a Barnes & Noble best-seller and she quickly got picked up by several international publishing houses. But after doing most of the marketing herself she started to question the value of a traditional publisher in todays ever-changing world of publishing. She was doing most of the work, and they were seeming to reap the profit. She ultimately got her rights back, and joined forces with fellow writer, Holly Kammier. With Holly's extensive background in journalism and public relations, the two formed a company that took the benefits of trad

Meet Our Newest Author - Agnes Deglon

Acorn Publishing is proud to be taking on another children's book author! Agnes Deglon joined us this March and will be releasing her series, KIDS QUESTIONS ABOUT LIFE, in late June. "My intention with this series of books is to understand and answer the questions about life posed by my boys. I have used my background as a licensed acupuncturist, diplomate of Oriental Medicine, biochemist and wife of a physicist who wrote his PhD thesis on the creation of the universe." KIDS QUESTIONS ABOUT LIFE is an educational book series written in simple language for parents, teachers, and kids who are pondering the deeper, more complex yet so essential issues of life. The series will include three book

Interview with Acorn Author, Alyssa Petersel

My name is Lacey Impellizeri and I am the newest member of the Acorn team. Since I was little I’ve dreamt of making people smile through books. After recently being hired for my first intern position with Acorn Publishing, I was given the task of interviewing each of our authors. Acorn has so many wonderful, unique authors to promote, so I jumped at the chance. It was a difficult decision, but I chose Acorn author Alyssa Petersel as my first interviewee. I found Alyssa’s story magnificent and groundbreaking, and I found Alyssa herself an intriguing, wonderful woman. As I glean knowledge from these amazingly talented writers, I hope readers will relate to my questions and find the answers use

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