Interview & Giveaway with Acorn Author Kat Ross (AND see the cover of her newest book!!)

We're not the only ones excited about author Kat Ross. Her books have become huge hits in the YA community. Audible and foreign publishers have been knocking down her door, hoping to snag her up before her series explodes. Trust us. You want to read these books! In the meantime, here's a little about the author herself. 1. Hi Kat! Thanks for joining us. Tell us about yourself! Why is this question always so hard? I guess I find my characters more interesting than I am, which is why I like living in their heads! But let's see…I live a bit north of New York City—close enough that I can hop on a train when I'm in the mood for crowds and dirt and good Thai food, but far enough that raccoons regu

New Intern - Meet Janene Fowler!

Our time spent at the LA Times Festival of Books this past weekend was a HUGE success. Not only did we get a stack of excellent submissions, Jess and I sold books like Beyonce wrote them, AND we landed another awesome intern!!!! Janene has been creating and telling stories since before she could read. At age 12 she entered a contest for high schoolers, figuring there was no way she would win. Instead, she found herself confessing to the organization, upon placing as a finalist, that technically she was not old enough to have entered. In her early teens she joined a group of young writers, helping proofread and edit their work. Many of them had no real knowledge of how to properly mold their

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