Interview & Giveaway with Acorn Author Joe Gazzam

After a wonderful Easter holiday we are glad to be back interviewing our favorite authors. Today, learn a little more about Joe Gazzam, author of UNCAGED, a page-turning thriller. Jason Holden has been on thin ice since his mother died. Capping off a burglary and bar fight with a brutal car wreck, the seventeen year old finds himself firmly on the wrong side of the law. His behavior isn’t winning him any points with his father, who happens to be the state governor. So when Governor Holden learns of a program for troubled youth, he jumps at the chance to deal with Jason’s outbursts while cementing his position for being tough on crime. The program is a radical exercise designed to frighten te

Welcome Ryan Taylor!!!

We are very pleased to announce Acorn Publishing has signed on an incredibly talented new writer!! Ryan Taylor’s dark humor sucked us in from page one of his brilliant fantasy novel, Constant Gray, due for release by the end of 2017. Besides writing great stories Ryan is a father of four, husband, teacher, and artist. He spends most of his time teaching art to elementary students by day and writing comic books on the weekends and during his summer breaks. Ryan's love for writing started in college and has become a full time second career for him. He previously published through Scattered Comics and Tragic Hero Comics, along with his self-published comic Anonymouse. Ryan currently lives in Ri

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