COVER REVEAL - Constant Gray by Ryan Taylor

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! What a wonderful day to reveal the dark and apocalyptic cover of CONSTANT GRAY by Acorn author Ryan Taylor. AVAILABLE 1-15-18 It's the end of the world... Or at least it was. The apocalypse has come and gone in all its horror and glory. Now, God and Satan have foregone the battlefield, and powerful allies have been left to their own devices. The earth is divided. On one half, the sun never sets and the scorched earth burns eternally. The other half is a landscape of doomed darkness where demons lurk around every corner. The scale is tipped in this ruined world. Unfortunately, not in favor of the righteous. After being released from years of torture underground, K

Kids Questions About Life Book #2 Release!

"Mommy are monsters real?" It's an easy question to answer, but somehow the words "no honey" don't seem to sink in. That's why we love the newest book in Agnes Deglon's series, KIDS QUESTIONS ABOUT LIFE! Book two in the series, WAIT FOR ME! WOULD YOU MIND? focuses on all aspects of the mind, what it is, what it does, how it works and what we should do with it. Not only has it won 1st place in the Royal Palm Literary Awards, it's actually mother-approved! KIDS QUESTIONS ABOUT LIFE is a series geared to answer all the crazy questions we get asked. We strongly believe it is a children's book that EVERYONE should read, and we're very excited to be releasing it TODAY! Get your copy by clicking th

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