We love revealing's one of our favorite things about publishing. Summing up an entire book to one single image that encapsulates the story is a hard thing to do. It's torturous for many authors, because it's essential to get it right. But boy does it feel good when it turns out PERFECTLY!!! Congrats, Mandy Urena, on your perfect cover!! We love it! TOUCHY, FEELY, SQUEEZY: Musings of a Masseuse by Mandy Urena On sale: February 14, 2018 Genre: Memoir Add it to your Goodreads shelf Touchy, Feely, Squeezy is not about happy endings. It is a comedy, a tear-jerker and a heart-warming memoir. With the British eccentricity of Bridget Jones’s Diary and the wanderlust of Eat, Pray, Love, M

Meet Our Newest Author: Lori Oliver-Tierney!

We were extraordinarily lucky to meet Lori in person at the Southern California Writers' Conference. The moment we heard her read from her memoir we knew it was gold. Not to mention, she's just the most lovable person. We tried to hold it inside, but we reeeeeaaaaallly wanted her to sign with us, and we are SOOO happy that she did!! Lori had many many options available to her, and at Acorn, we truly want what is best for every author out there. We're authors ourselves, so we know how hard it can be to commit one way or the other. That being said, we are thrilled to give Lori's book a home. When Lori was 19 years old she started working summers as a waitress in Yosemite National Park and doin


We are super excited to announce that, Aglow: A Christmas Fable, releases TODAY. This adorable, uplifting holiday book for middle graders introduces us to two coming-of-age boys living in the Bronx. The boys, one Jewish, one Catholic, unite in a risky scheme to make their Bronx neighborhood shine. Their light with brighten your smile. The perfect gift for the season of giving! Aglow is the story of twelve year old, Adam, a Jewish boy, who likes to visit his gramps in The Bronx. His best friend there is Rafe, a Catholic. The difference doesn't matter to the boys, even after they get involved in the biggest miracle to hit the Tri-State area in years. Over the course of a Thanksgiving weekend t

NEW RELEASE - Storm at the Keizer Manor

A mysterious storm. Lovers separated by time. A modern day woman trapped in a bygone century... When Annet wakes up in a 19th century convent, she thinks the nuns are playing a prank on her. But it’s real. Annet is forced to rebuild a life in an era that lacks indoor plumbing, electricity, pain meds, or any semblance of equal rights for women. How does she manage? Does she accept her new status in society? What would you do if you were her? Don’t miss Storm at the Keizer Manor, released TODAY. This intriguing novel promises an ending you won’t see coming. It will pull you in from page one, and keep you HOOKED. GOODREADS | AMAZON | BARNES & NOBLE

Meet Our Newest Author - Gene Desrochers!

We originally met Gene at WonderCon, one of our favorite events to sell Acorn Publishing books. It must have been fate, because we met Gene again at the Irvine Southern California Writers Conference this September. As soon as we read his work, we knew. Not only is Gene a great writer, but he has an intriguing background that enriches his work. He grew up in St. Thomas and St. Croix and believes that world has a lot to offer, beyond the obvious tourist attractions, that most people never experience. Gene has had several short stories accepted for publication in digital and print magazines. He has a B.A. in English and a J.D. from Tulane Law School, and likes writing about the places he’s live

NEW RELEASE - Choosing Hope by Holly Kammier

Congrats to Acorn author, Holly Kammier, on the release of her newest book, CHOOSING HOPE! CHOOSING HOPE isn’t the everyday love story. It isn’t a prince charming swooping in to save the day or love at first sight and a happily ever after. In real life, love hurts, in good ways and bad. The head and the heart don’t always see eye to eye. Choosing Hope is a beautifully crafted novel that will take you on a heart-breaking journey full of hard choices, the dark feverish passion of an affair, and all the anguish that comes with it. Despite the main character’s inner conflict, Kammier does an amazing job leaving readers feeling empowered and uplifted. A broken marriage. A love affair. A lie tha

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