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The Publisher Is In!

It’s no secret how much love we have for the Southern California Writers’ Conference.

Not only have we come back with many talented writers under our wing, but SCWC is where we got our start.

Back when Jessica Therrien and I (Holly Kammier) were nervous young writers wondering what to do with our first manuscripts, we both decided to take a few courses at the writers’conference.

The tribe at SCWC swept us up and gave us the tools to GROW AND THRIVE, not only as writers but it set us up with the knowledge that we would later use to create Acorn Publishing.

This is why the booth we’re running this year, The Publisher is In!, is so special and unique.

This is our chance to give back by sharing crucial information about the Publishing industry through what we’ve learned by running Acorn Publishing.

This President’s Day Weekend, I will be staffing “The Publisher is in!: Your Post-Conference Publishing Plan!

You’ve attended the seminars and mingled with writers, braved the read and critiques, perhaps you’ve even submitted an advanced submission to an agent who loves your work!

But… what’s next??

These one-on-one meetings will be held during the last day of the conference. Writers will be able to reflect on what they’ve learned about publishing, and get guidance on how to move forward with what’s next for their story.

Maybe you need another edit? Maybe you’re ready to submit to a publisher? Either way, I am so excited to meet with all of the promising new writers and to help guide you in the direction that is right for you.

The Southern California Writer’s Conference is a three-day crash course into the writing world that you absolutely cannot miss. I’m excited to see you there!

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