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NEW RELEASE - The Conman by Mike Murphey

Congrats to Mike Murphey on the release of THE CONMAN, his newest novel! If you loved his first book, SECTION ROADS, be sure to check this one out. THE CONMAN is based on the life of Keith Comstock. Keith has managed and coached baseball at many levels, and for the past decade has been the pitching rehab instructor for the Texas Rangers.

Conor Nash has lived his life with a single purpose—to pitch in the Major Leagues. He’s been released from professional baseball contracts ten times over a sixteen-year career, but he’s overcome every obstacle to finally reach The Show when he’s a decade too old.

As he faces the specter of injury-forced retirement, he becomes a man neither he nor his wife recognizes. During his career, Conor avoided the trap of alcohol and drugs because his drug was baseball. And what can an addict do when he realizes he will never get that high again?

Conor climbs treacherous Camelback Mountain, drinks a bottle of Champagne, recalls people and events, and seeks an answer. Who is Conor Nash if he can’t pitch?

Grab your copy today!

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