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New Release - Taro the Zen Cat

We are so thrilled to announce the release of TARO THE ZEN CAT, by Jennifer J. Hunter!

Cover Design by Damonza

Taro the Zen Cat
by Jennifer J. Hunter

Taro does not know how to provide for his family after the death of his father, but he knows he cannot be something he is not. Against the wishes of his family and expectations of his culture, Taro sets out to undergo one of the most difficult training systems ever created: Zen.

Taro journeys to the Gakiji Hungry Ghost Zen Buddhist Temple, where the forces of enlightenment and endarkenment complicate his path. Within the temple lurks someone consumed with jealousy and resentment, who is willing to kill Taro to stop him from becoming the first animal Zen Buddhist monk. But sometimes, Taro’s doubt and rage stand in his way.

Taro the Zen Cat is a magical balance of sweetness, devilishness, light-heartedness, and wonder. Taro’s journey is for anyone hoping to find their place in the world and seeking to answer the question: Who am I?


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