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New Release - The Warmaker

We are thrilled to announce the release of The Warmaker, the second book in the Black Spear novel series!

The Warmaker
by Benjamin Spada

How many people would you kill to stop a war? It’s the question burning in Cole West’s mind as he and his Black Spear allies reload to leap once more into the fire. A U.S. Congressman is killed in broad daylight in an American city by an unknown weapon. An undercover CIA agent burns alive during his extraction before he can reveal what he’s learned. Bleeding-edge foreign military prototypes find themselves in the hands of organized crime on the streets of the U.S. All of it leads back to a rogue weapons designer, and the horrifying revelation that America no longer possesses the most advanced military in the world.

Black Spear’s enemies are both foreign and domestic this time as collaborators, saboteurs, and co-conspirators knife their way through America’s political system to compromise the nation from within. Cole and his team are forced to turn to new allies when global tensions inch closer to the breaking point. The clock is ticking for Black Spear to avert catastrophe, but their every effort seems in vain against the one inevitability: War is coming. With all its rage, and all its fury.

The entire world is primed to explode, and the Warmaker has already lit the fuse.


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