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Redefining what it means to be published


Why give up the rights to your book? When you publish with Acorn Publishing, the rights to your work are 100% yours. You make all the decisions and keep the control.


You've written a book, you deserve the profits! With our Indie Author Path, you keep 100% of your profits. We don't take a dime of the money you've rightfully earned.


We only accept high quality work. Every manuscript submitted goes through a strict vetting process. Publish alongside a consortium of highly vetted, award-winning, best-selling authors.



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The Devil's Own
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Choosing Hope
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Find your Next Favorite Book


Alyssa Petersel, 

Somehow I Am Different

Kirkus Indie Book of the Year

"I feel empowered by my work with Acorn Publishing and grateful to have found Holly and Jessica at a relatively early stage in my writing journey. My involvement in this process has given me invaluable knowledge and ownership of the material to an extent I would not have otherwise. Holly and Jessica have been a consistent support system. Most importantly, I feel heard and supported in the work that I love to do. Thank you, Acorn Publishing, for my "crash course" and for ceaseless community and encouragement."

Somehow I am Different - Alyssa Petersel
chris riedel-portrait.jpg

Chris Riedel,

CEO, Whistleblower, and author of Blood Money

"I decided to work with Acorn Publishing because I had a story with great national interest that became time-sensitive, and we needed to get it out. Acorn not only worked with our tight timeline, but put their full expertise to work to produce an absolutely beautiful book. In addition, they consulted with us on marketing and promotional strategies that added to our social media and media campaigns. Acorn went out of the box for us, and the results speak for themselves. I'm delighted to be an Acorn-published author."

Blood Money - eBook small.jpg
Kristi Fox

K. A. Fox,

USA TODAY Best-Selling Author of The Devil's Own

"My experience with Acorn has been everything I hoped it would be. What I've learned from them along the way has been invaluable and there have been more opportunities to grow my readership and my career as an author because of them. They even secured an overseas traditional publishing deal for my first book and connected me with my film and television agent. Thank you Acorn - you made this author's dream come true."

The Devil's Own
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