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Kat Ross

Author of  The Fourth Element Series, The Daemoniac, and the Nightmarked Series

"I arrived late to the traditional publishing party (my debut was 2014), so I never saw most of the perks. I continue to be grateful I took the indie plunge, left my agent, and connected with Acorn. It was the best business and creative decision I ever made. I'm about to publish my fourth book with Acorn and I'm just so grateful to be part of this wonderful community of writers and editors. It's such a warm, nurturing place, I feel like I've come home.

-Kat Ross

Kat Ross is currently the best-selling author of 26 novels. She left Amazon’s Lake Union Press to join Acorn Publishing and has found great success. Notably, one of her novels hit #1 in the Kindle store, meaning it was the top downloaded book out of every single category. Kat was also awarded the Gold Medal for Magic and Wizardry by Readers' Favorite. Three of her series have been translated into Italian and are currently being translated into other languages as well.

Jessica Therrien

Author of  The Children of the Gods Series, Carry Me Home, and The Mercenary's Daughter

Jessica Therrien best selling ya fantasy author Children of the Gods series

"I love being a part of this wonderful family of authors. It's fun, rewarding, and I feel so proud to see my books alongside so many great stories." 


-Jessica Therrien

Jessica Therrien's internationally best-selling series, Children of the Gods, has been published in many languages including Chinese, Italian, French, and Russian. It has sat at the top of the charts alongside YA favorites such as The Hunger Games and Divergent and is a Literary Classics award winner.

Holly Kammier

Author of  Kingston Court, Chasing Hope, Lost Girl, and Six Feet Apart

"We have built an incredible community of authors and industry professionals. The continuous support of this close-knit group is priceless! 

-Holly Kammier

Holly Kammier has hit #1 bestseller categories on Amazon with all three of her novels. Both Kingston Court and Lost Girl, A Shelby Day Novel were ranked in the top 50 over-all fiction books category on Barnes & She has been featured in countless newspapers, magazines, and podcasts, including the San Diego Union-Tribune, the Del Mar Times, SD Voyager, and Wine, Women and Words.

K. A. Fox

Author of  The Murphy's Law Series

"My experience with Acorn has been everything I hoped it would be. I know, without a doubt, that I wouldn't have been ready to publish my book as quickly as I did if it hadn't been for the entire Acorn team. Their guidance and encouragement were exactly what I needed to get my story from draft to publication. What I've learned from them along the way has been invaluable and there have been more opportunities to grow my readership and my career as an author because of them. I can't wait to do it all over again. Thank you Acorn - you made this author's dream come true."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     -K.A. Fox


K. A. Fox is a USA TODAY Bestselling Author. She’s gone on tour to promote her novels and appeared on an episode of Buy Me a Coffee, a literary podcast.

Author of  The Mourning Dove Mystery Series and Sedona: The Lost Vortex

Mikel Wilson

"I made the right decision when I signed with Acorn Publishing. The team at Acorn offered me a clear path to success in publishing my first mystery novel. In addition to giving me insightful feedback that strengthened and elevated my book, they provided a clear, step-by-step process for shepherding it to publication and beyond. They were not only instrumental in the success of my book’s debut, but also in the launch of my new mystery series. They’ve been my strongest advocates and my biggest cheerleaders, and I look forward to publishing with them for years to come."


-Mikel J. Wilson

Acorn Publishing helped secure The Morning Dove Mysteries series an option for a television series with an acclaimed production company, and negotiated foreign publishing deals. Mikel J. Wilson has won Reader’s Favorites’ Gold Medal and Bronze Medal for his work and is an Amazon #1 Best Seller in several languages. He has been featured on multiple podcasts and interviewed in a variety papers. His novels Death Opens a Window and Murder on the Lake of Fire were honored at the 2018 New Apple Book Awards. 


Alyssa Petersel

Author of  Somehow I Am Different

"I feel empowered by my work with Acorn Publishing and grateful to have found Holly and Jessica at a relatively early stage in my writing journey. Leading up to the release of my debut nonfiction anthology, Somehow I Am Different, I maintained control over creative decisions like cover art, font choice, and formatting decisions. My involvement in this process has given me invaluable knowledge and ownership of the material to an extent I would not have otherwise. Since my book's publication in March 2016, Holly and Jessica have been a consistent support system, particularly in guiding me in joining them at the L.A. Times Book Festival and Vegas Valley Book Festival, which both led not only to book sales, but to heightened confidence and excitement about the work. I feel well versed and grounded in industry knowledge and norms. Most importantly, I feel heard and supported in the work that I love to do. Thank you, Acorn Publishing, for my "crash course" and for ceaseless community and encouragement."


-Alyssa Petersel


Alyssa Petersel's debut memoir was recognized as one of Kirkus Reviews Indie Books of the Year and was a winner of the New York Book Festival. She was featured on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

Isaac G. Lee

"After researching multiple publishing options, I decided that Acorn would be the best fit. In the end, they exceeded my expectations and supported my vision for this story completely. In a matter of months, they helped me publish a polished and professional book that is exactly what I hoped it would be."                           

                                                                                                                                                                                         —Isaac G. Lee


Isaac Lee's debut military memoir was named one of Our Top Ten Book Picks by the San Diego Union Tribune. He has appeared on numerous podcasts, was featured in Homeland Magazine, and interviewed on Fox 5 News.

Laura Findley Evans

Author of   The Dragon & The Girl Series

"In just a little over a year after publishing my first book with Acorn, True North earned me more than one and one half times as much as my initial investment. In just over two years, my novel earned me over two and a half times my initial investment. When I started writing my book, I had no idea how to get it out in the world. Trying to publish it on my own seemed impossible. I would have to get a PhD in publishing, which was overwhelming. Trying to go the traditional publishing route seemed daunting, as well. An author can spend years trying to find an agent and then hope they can sell it to a publisher. Enter Acorn Publishing! They already have a “PhD” in publishing. Instead of taking years, the process took mere months. Now my book is garnering 5-star reviews, while I am able to focus on writing more books. Thank you, Acorn Publishing!" 

                                                                                                                                                                                                -Laura Findley Evans 

D. Fischer

Author of  Heavy Lies the Crown Series

"When I think of Acorn Publishing, I think of family. The community welcomed me with open arms, and for the first time in a long time, I've felt like I was taken care of. I am confident that Acorn Publishing will bring me to new levels in my author career!"

-D. Fischer

       Following her Heavy Lies the Crown series, D. has become a USA TODAY bestseller and has won two Iowa-based awards for her work with Acorn Publishing.

Jeff Pollak

Author of  First Second Coming

"If you’re a writer seeking to publish your first book with a hybrid publisher, you can’t do better than Acorn Publishing LLC. The founders, Holly and Jessica, have exactly those qualities a debut author unfamiliar with the pre-publication process needs: accessibility, knowledge, and a highly organized procedure that guides you forward from the day you sign your contract to the release date of your book. Add to that the support provided by Acorn’s other authors and you’ll find an environment that doesn’t exist with any of the big traditional publishers. Holly and Jess are both award winning authors who were once newbies themselves. They understand and empathize, answer your questions and act on your behalf with all the people you’ll encounter along the way. That many authors stick with Acorn for their sequels or new books is the surest sign that Acorn does things the right way."


-Jeff Pollak


      Jeff Pollak’s novel, the First Second Coming, published with Acorn, was the recipient of a Gold Award for writing excellence from the Literary Titan magazine and was nominated for a RONA award in the fantasy genre.

Dennis Crosby

Author of  Death's Legacy and Death's Debt

"For a debut author, navigating the publishing waters can be intimidating, if not terrifying. I cannot say my publishing experience would have been as enjoyable and educational with any company other than Acorn. Holly and Jessica an amazing team, the perfect mentors. Their experience in the business, combined with their patience, is the perfect formula for steering authors down a path toward success. I felt comfortable, included in every decision, and most of all, I felt that my work and my writing goals were valued. I cannot thank Holly, Jessica, and the Acorn Team enough. Working with them was absolutely the best decision for my writing career."


-Dennis K. Crosby

Dennis K. Crosby's Kassidy Simons Trilogy, with titles Death's Legacy and Death's Debt, has received acclaim, including a Silver Medal for Urban Fantasy at the 2021 Readers' Favorite International Book Awards. Beyond literary recognition, Crosby has actively engaged in speaking events, interviews, podcasts, and numerous book signings at renowned locations including WonderCon, highlighting his commitment to connecting with readers and promoting his compelling trilogy.

Courtney Ramm

Author of  Eris Rising

"I am so grateful for Holly and Jessica at Acorn Publishing who helped guide me every step of the way as I worked towards publishing my first book. Along with a wonderful community of fellow Acorn authors, they provided genuine support and encouragement that I greatly appreciated."

                                                                                                                                                                                                       -Courtney Ramm

Author of  Bipolar: A Gift of Thorns

Dale Zurawski

" Holly sold me on  Acorn Publishing at the Southern California Writers Conference. The timeline they provided made the process transparent and less imposing. Their regular emails kept me on track and had many helpful marketing tips. If you are a first time author, I highly recommend them."


—Dale Zurawski

Dale Zurawski, published by Acorn Publishing, found success with Bipolar: A Gift of Thorns. An Amazon bestselling author, Zurawski was recognized as a guest speaker at the renowned Santa Barbara Writers Conference, Santa Barbara Yacht Club, and District 216. Additionally, Zurawski has engaged with readers through multiple Barnes & Noble book signings, further establishing her achievements in the literary community.

Benjamin Spada

Author of  The Black Spear Novels

"Bridging the gap between finished manuscript to published book was, for me, one of the most daunting moments of my writing career. Holly, Jessica, and the Acorn team were the experts I needed in my corner to help make that jump from the art of writing to the business of publishing. They were there every step of the way, ready to assist with insight into any decision however monumental or trivial, to ensure that my book was the absolute best it could be once it landed in readers’ hands. Most importantly: it always remained my book. The respect the Acorn team has for staying true to the author’s vision and allowing them to maintain control, whether it was in the construct of the work or the design of the cover, was invaluable and immensely rewarding for my debut writing experience. Acorn is there and will be as hands-on, or hands-off, as the writer needs to reach their goal. Every writer’s experience and story is individually unique, but the team at Acorn has the knowledge to navigate the universal challenges that come with publishing." 


                                                                                  —Benjamin Spada, award-winning author of the Black Spear series novels FNG & The Warmaker.

     Benjamin Spada contributed to the literary world with his Black Spear series, published with Acorn Publishing. Spada has received acclaim from the prestigious Military Writers Society of America, earning the Gold Medal Book Award for 2023 for FNG: A Black Spear Novel.

Thomas M. Wing

       Author of  Against All Enemies

"Acorn has been wonderful! Once I had a manuscript that met their quality standards, I was able to work with the marvelous Laura Taylor for the final content edit, to make it shine. Jessica Hammett, my project manager, was fantastic throughout (and still is!). She walked me through the steps I needed to do, like working with a web designer to get my website up, and she took care of the things on her task list at exactly the right time in the process. When I asked occasionally dumb questions, she was the epitome of patience. And she communicated well, often, and professionally! The cover design knocked my socks off, to use a cliche, but it was true. Better than anything I’d imagined, and it’s garnered laudatory comments from everyone who’s seen it! The greatest reward was getting the proofs, knowing it was the best book it could be. Initial sales have been excellent, and reviews outstanding. The whole process was easier than I’d imagined, and the reward is so worth it! My late writing mentor self-published twenty-seven of his twenty-eight books, and I saw what he went through to get them into the world. He had one book published by an imprint of one of the big four. I also saw what he went through with that; it was hell. I somehow feel like I cheated, as my process through Acorn was so very much easier than either of his experiences! I will publish my next book with them, too!"


—Thomas M. Wing

Bruce Ashkenas

Author of  Shadows of Shame and Aglow

"When I finished editing and my book was good enough, publishing was another animal entirely.  I found myself in proofreading hell…over and over again the manuscript kept coming back from the printer with unnoticed mistakes.  While this was going on I had to build my website, a technological hell for someone my age.  And then there was the cover design, back and forth with the artists and the printer. Through all this the ladies of Acorn were with me. Jess took over the web design when I proved hopeless at the task.  Holly helped me with the cover, from writing the blurb to encouraging me to select the artwork.  I am so glad I published with Acorn.


-Bruce Ashkenas

      After working with Acorn Publishing, Bruce Ashkenas received an honorable mention in 2017 by the New York Book Festival. His novel Shadows of Shame was praised as a “powerful look at the dark days leading up to one of the darkest periods in Jewish history” by Kirkus Reviews.

Joe Gazzam

Author of  Uncaged and The Mercenary's Daughter

"Holly and Jessica were great.  I'd had some bad experiences in the past with publishers, but they put me at ease immediately.  They also guided me through everything I needed to know.  They even helped me pick out the best cover art.  From marketing to setting up accounts, they were there.  It was especially helpful that they were writers themselves and knew what my issues would be and how to get through them.  In such a crazy industry, it was nice to have two people like that on my side."


-Joe Gazzam

     After releasing two novels with Acorn Publishing, Joe Gazzam has received an abundance of praise from screenwriters, actors, and others in the industry. Toper Grace, an actor who starred in “That 70’s Show”, “Spiderman 3”, “Interstellar”, and other productions, described Joe’s work as “wildly suspenseful with great characters, and is pure fun to read.”

Illustrator of  The Loneliest Whale, Sammy's Flame, and Jen's Hens

Dorene Uhrich

"Acorn Publishing was the perfect partner for my first run at illustrating. They have a great eye for what would appeal to kids and be a favorite of parents, and every other word out of Jessica's mouth was encouragement.  Acorn has a passion for creating high-quality books people will love, and that passion is contagious. They made the process such a positive experience that I am now working on two more books coming out soon!"


-Dorene Uhrich

Ramcy Diek

Author of  Storm at the Keizer Manor, Eagles in Flight, and Overland

"Acorn’s constant support kept me motivated through the publishing process, and I thank them for that."


-Ramcy Diek

     Since working with Acorn Publishing, Ramcy Diek has published three engaging novels. Readers’ Favorite awarded her both the Gold and Bronze medals for her work, and she was also a Grand Prize Winner of the Top Shelf Book Awards.

Ryan Taylor

Author of  Constant Gray

"Where would I be without a random day at Wondercon? I wouldn’t be selling my own book today, that’s for certain. Thanks to the team at Acorn Publishing, I am able to do so now. They answered my crazy questions anytime I had them pop in my brain. They calmed my nerves and eased me through the process of delivering my vision to my audience. I have a lot to look forward to now, thanks to them."


-Ryan Taylor

Lois Letchford

Author of  Reversed

"The day Holly and Jessica accepted my manuscript was by far one of the most exciting days of my life. Someone wanted my story and saw its potential. They walked me through the entire publication process, proving an invaluable blueprint that became my bible. And, even on opposite coasts, they stayed in constant contact through email, helping me keep on track. As my “baby” finally entered the world, I found myself opening the Acorn publishing guide daily to follow their detailed instructions for book promotion. I’m lucky to be part of the Acorn family; I’ve connected with their other authors where further ideas have been shared and discussed—a priceless resource. Acorn’s professionalism and standard for high-quality books truly shines through, making this small company stand out in such a competitive field."


-Lois Letchford


     Since publishing Reversed with Acorn Publishing, Lois Letchford has contributed to countless podcasts, guest writings, and radio shows and has made multiple television appearances. Her work has managed to both help and inspire others.

Mandy Urena

Author of  Touchy, Feely, Squeezy

"I'm just a writer who loves to write. I didn't know the first thing about publishing, content editing, line editing, copy editing or online marketing. Luckily for me, Acorn loved my book and took me under their wing, teaching me the ropes every step of the way - even seeing me through tantrums and meltdowns! I couldn't have become a published international author  without their expertise and guidance. They are my cheerleaders!"


-Mandy Urena

Author of  Sammy's Flame, Sammy's Village, and Sleeping on Concrete

Sam Ashkenas

"Acorn really is the best of both worlds. You get the help of incredibly talented people while still retaining the rights to your work and all of your profits. The wonderful ladies at Acorn guided me through a publishing process that I'm positive would've overwhelmed me had I done it on my own."


-Sam Ashkenas

Gene Desrochers

Author of  Dark Paradise and Sweet Paradise

"Destiny, that’s what I think of when I think of Acorn. I woke up late to attend a writer’s conference in Irvine and as I walked into the hotel, I ran into Lacey. I joked about us both being late and she said that she was actually helping with a panel. She had a relaxed demeanor that put me at ease. She told me about Acorn and the wonderful caring people who started it, Holly and Jessica. I cancelled my plan to attend another panel and went to Acorn’s. As I listened to them describe their philosophy and publishing model, I pulled out my laptop and submitted my book. Their patience and transparency captured my attention. I knew I had stumbled onto my publishing muses. My experience has continued to reflect that first feeling of being in the right place with the right people."


-Gene Desrochers

Author of  Bubby Knows Best: Advice From a Jewish Grandmother of 15

Joan Rosenberg

"My book started out as a very small Acorn of an idea and blossomed into a giant oak tree that is securely rooted in place. Could I have done this without the help of Holly, Jessica and Lacey? NO!! Would I have done this without the help of Holly, Jessica and Lacey? NO!! If you want to work with the best and brightest team, then Acorn Publishing is for you. If you go some where else you will likely be sorry."

-Joan Rosenberg

Tori Kron

Author of  Courting Kate and Scoring Reagan

"There from the beginning, Acorn Publishing has been by my side as my greatest champion. I am thrilled to be publishing my sports romance series through such a great imprint!"

-Tori Kron

E. A. Fournier

Author of  Still Breathing

"I would like to thank Holly, Jess and Lacey for leading this acorn along the harrowing paths that turn manuscripts into books. They pointed the way to a brilliant cover design company and matched my writing with the perfect editor. I don’t know what I would have done without them. They’ve been supportive, responsive and unflappable. Here’s the key. They’ve acquired a staggering amount of expertise and best practices in publishing, social media and marketing, which they share in a documented, step-by-step process delivered in timely, actionable bites. The material is good. It’s very good. I’ve just launched my first Acorn book and I couldn’t be prouder of the results."


-E. A. Fournier

     E.A. Fournier has won an abundance of awards since publishing Still Breathing with Acorn Publishing. He won the 2021 10th Annual Kindle Book Awards competition for Literary Fiction, the 2019 B.R.A.G. Medallion for Literary Fiction, the 2018 Cover Design Gold Star award, and was a finalist in both the 2019 IAN Book of the Year Award and the 2019 Wishing Self Book Awards.


Lori Oliver-Tierney

Author of  TRUDGE: A Mid-life Crisis on the John Muir Trail

"The love and patience you all showed as I literally trudged along in this journey was admirable. You guys are the best. You inspired and drove me on. I can never thank you enough."

-Lori Oliver-Tierney

     Lori Oliver-Tieney’s novel hit the Amazon bestseller list for new releases and continues to rank well in the memoir category. Her novel is also carried at numerous local bookstores, and she has attended multiple signings at Barnes & Noble and other stores and well as the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.

Author of  The Scent of Heat

E. P. Sery

"I’ve been told not to think of my debut book as a  baby, rather as a product. After all, it IS for sale! But I still can’t stop thinking of Holly Kammier and Jessica Therrien as my midwives. Without them, there would have been no baby. I mean, no BOOK! They kept me on the straight and narrow every time I got lost; from Holly’s editing, Jessica’s professionalism and the team of ‘midwives’ they introduced me to: from the talented book designer, and the brilliant ‘final eyes’ editor to the amazingly diligent formatter. Thank you Acorn Team for your support and guidance.”


-E.P. Sery

     After working with Acorn Publishing, E.P. Serry’s novel hit the Amazon bestseller list for New Releases. She has participated in many book signings, and has been featured in the Del Mar Times, Carmel Valley News, Solana Beach Sun, Encinitas Advocate, Rancho Santa Fe Review, and San Diego Jewish Journal.

Teresa Harrison

Author of  Maiden

"The Ladies of Acorn Publishing have been amazing. Always there to support or advise or even nudge me along when I get lost in the process. I never feel like any question is too silly. They have cultivated an amazing group of authors who are also very caring and helpful to each other. With tremendous support and the real feel of being part of a family, I took the steps to move forward and now my release date is just around the corner. I would never have been able to figure this out on my own. Cover Art, formatting, social media, websites, etc. I didn’t even know what an ARC (advance reader copy) was. They know all the bits and pieces it takes to get a book out and market it successfully. And they happily share that information. I know everyone’s success is important to them."


-Teresa Harrison

Author of  Flygirl, Angel Flight, and Flying Home

R. D. Kardon
Flying Homes Flygirl romance novel series by R.D. Kardon

"The attention I received from the principals of Acorn Publishing during the process of getting ‘Flygirl’ to market was immeasurable, and their patience endless. Always available, Holly, Jessica and Lacey weighed in honestly when critical decisions needed to be made. I am truly grateful to know the folks at Acorn, and to have had them by my side as I published my debut novel."


-R. D. Kardon

      R.D. Kardon’s novel Fly Girl won a Solo Medal for Fiction in the 2019 summer Ebook awards from New Apple Literary and took first place in the 2020 Top Shelf book awards. The Kindle eBook version was also a #1 bestseller on Amazon. Following her publication, she was featured as one of Five San Diego Authors to Read in the San Diego Union Tribune, appeared in multiple magazines, and was featured in multiple podcasts.

Lacey Impellizeri

Author of  Your Words Count

"Holly and Jessica have been excellent role models and teachers through the process of learning the publishing process. I owe everything I know to their guidance and superior teachings of the industry."


-Lacey Impellizeri

Jordan Sala Tenna

Author of  El Awake

"I was clueless as to how to bring my story to the public. I mean, how do people actually find your book once it's complete, and what makes someone want to buy it? I'm so thankful for Acorn's assistance as they guided me through the windy road of self-publishing. They have been there themselves and they know how to navigate with success. Thank you Acorn Publishing!"


-Jordan Sala Tenna

Lele Iturrioz

Author of  Seasons Within Series

"Acorn has been by my side from the beginning. From helping perfect the back cover blurbs to setting me up with a wonderful blog tour company. I love that I can email them about any little thing, any time of day, and they are there to help. They've truly helped me understand publishing and their guidance has been invaluable. Thank you Jess & Holly!"


-Lele Iturrioz

     Lele Iturioz was awarded a silver medal by Readers’ Favorite for her Seasons Within series. Through working with Acorn Publishing, she has also become an Amazon bestseller.

Agnès Déglon

Author of  Kids Questions About Life and Once You Know

"Holly and Jessica were great.  I'd had some bad experiences in the past with publishers, but they put me at ease immediately.  They also guided me through everything I needed to know.  They even helped me pick out the best cover art.  From marketing to setting up accounts, they were there.  It was especially helpful that they were writers themselves and knew what my issues would be and how to get through them.  In such a crazy industry, it was nice to have a two people like that on my side."


-Joe Gazzam

"I joined Acorn Publishing after a year of trying to figure out how to publish my books on my own. Best decision ever! I had been struggling for every step on the way, and now I feel like I am on a track, things are moving and I just have to follow along. Great support! Very professional and helpful feedback! Great enthusiasm and encouragement! And the best part is: Excellent guidance where I felt stuck! What a relief, just what I needed! Thank you Acorn!"


-Agnes Deglon

Agnes Delgon’s children’s books Wait for Me! Would You Mind? and The Journey of Little Souls both were semi-finalists for the 2016 Royal Palm Literary Award given by the Florda Writers Association.

David Kennedy

Author of  Ricochet

"Any success I may achieve will be predicated on signing with Acorn earlier this year. Besides providing a detailed blueprint for self-publishing “the right way”, they remain in frequent contact, both to monitor progress and to just cheer me on. They are remarkable gals. Becoming friends with the other “Acorns” is also a pleasure, as well as being highly informative. What a swell group!"


-David Kennedy

Author of  The Power Trilogy

Dot Caffrey

"Thanks Acorn! You really made me feel like one of the family."


-Dot Caffrey

Roger L. Liles

Author of  The Berlin Tunnel

"Holly and Jessica presented another path to being published. First and foremost, you get to see your book in print and available to the world. Along the way, you get a detailed written guide and strong hands-on support from two of the nicest people in the world, you get to retain the rights to your book, AND you receive 25% to 30% of the sale price of each book (they don’t take a dime). Acorn Publishing gives you a real chance to actually make some money. Jessica and Holly will help you through every step in the process and very soon you will be able to brag that you’re a published author under an imprint that is growing in name recognition and prestige."


-Roger L Liles

     After working with Acorn Publishing on the novel The Berlin Tunnel, Roger L. Liles hit Number 13 on Amazon’s New Release Bestsellers List. Since his success, he has attended multiple signings across the state of California.

Author of  Jen's Hens Make New Friends

Jen Petrovich
PJ Colando

Author of  The Winner's Circle

"Gosh I love this group, which seems to convene only for me. Though I know it can’t (and shouldn’t) be true, you all are extraordinary beyond words. So proud to be an Acorn!"


-PJ Colando

Author of  Path of Progress

Flora Beach Burlingame

"Holly, Jessica, and Lacey of Acorn, want their authors to end up with a quality product. Sometimes the process seems tough, but Acorn personnel are always there to answer questions, and in the end it is worth the journey. I am proud of the results and love my book. Thank you ladies!!"


-Flora Beach Burlingame

     Following the release of her novel Path of Progress with Acorn Publishing, Burlingame has been mentioned in seven newspapers, including the Mariposa Gazette and the Fresno Bee, as well as eleven magazines, such as Woman’s World and Sierra Heritage.


Ashlynn Cubbison

Author of  Chasing Beverly

"The team at Acorn Publishing was exactly what I needed to publish my debut novel, "Chasing Beverly." They graciously walked me through every step and guided me to success. The patience, knowledge, and support I received surpassed all of my expectations. I'm beyond grateful to be a part of Acorn and look forward to writing many more books with them! I highly recommend Acorn Publishing to any writer looking to take their career to the next level!"


-Ashlynn Cubbison

Author of  My Name Is Rose and Keep Forever

Alexa Kingaard

"The brilliant ladies – my young wizards - of ACORN PUBLISHING, Jessica Therrien, Holly Kammier and Lacey Impellizeri wrapped their arms around me from start to finish and provided me with the tools and knowledge to create a polished manuscript that sparkles and shines."


-Alexa Kingaard

Pamela McCord

Author of  The Pekin Dewlap Mysteries, Under the Willows, The Hero, and The Continuing Adventures of Laurel Palmer

the continuing adventures of Laurel Palmer by bestselling author Pamela McCord

"Working with Acorn was a dream. They smoothed the way to make a very complicated process easy to navigate, and provided me with a finished book that I’m in love with. I wouldn’t think twice about asking them to help me publish another book. Being a first-time published author, as you can imagine I had a million questions and concerns. Jessica, Holly and Lacey were on-the-spot in responding to me. Thanks, Acorn. I can’t wait to do it again."


-Pamela McCord

      After publishing Pamela McCord’s mystery, romance, and paranormal novels, Acorn Publishing helped Pamela secure traditional publishing deals with several oversea’s publishing houses around the globe. Pamela won the Children’s Fiction category for The Haunting of Elmwood Manor and was named a finalist in the Fiction: General category for Under the Willows at the 2021 Best Books Awards, hosted by American Book Fest.

Jan Steele

Author of  Shoes on the Stairs

"Honestly, Acorn Publishing is amazing. I would have never been able to do this on my own. There are so many things I would have never known to do. Their guidance and support is invaluable."


-Jan Steele

Jan Steele’s novel Shoes on the Stairs was a Best Book Awards Finalist and has become an Amazon Bestseller. 

Author of  Section Roads, The Conman, and Physics Lust and Greed Series

Mike Murphey

"Through Acorn Publishing, Jessica, Holly, and Lacey have created a fellowship of authors and teachers. Writing can be a lonely journey. Being accept into Acorn affiliates a writer with a group of talented people who offer validation that we are not just wandering an endless path. True, most of us write because we love writing, but we also write because we want to be read. Acorn provides structure, direction and support along that path, while demanding a high standard of quality in all aspects of the process. I feel fortunate that Acorn believes my work merits inclusion. The learning opportunity has been off the charts. I eagerly look forward to continuing this partnership."


-Mike Murphey

After working with Acorn Publishing, Mike Murphey's novels have received countless acclaims. Section Roads is an Amazon Bestseller, the 2020 Best Mystery Winner through Indies Today, and an Indie Readers Discovery Award winner. Quantum Consequence, part of Mike’s Physics Lust and Greed series, was shortlisted by Chanticleer Int’l Book Awards and labeled as a five-star best book by the Chanticleer Book Reviews. 

Sherrill Joseph

Author of  The Botanic Hill Detectives Mysteries Series

"I wouldn't be a published author today if it weren't for Acorn Publishing. They believed in my book and in me, walking me through every step needed to reach book launch day. I appreciated the weekly emailed process sheets that guided my every step, Acorn's patience when I needed extra help, and their stable of talented editors, formatters, and cover designers. I cannot recommend Acorn Publishing highly enough. Writers, you'll be in great hands."


-Sherrill Joseph

     Sherrill Joseph’s novels, The Botanic Hill Detectives Mysteries Series, flourished post-publication. Joseph has received countless awards including Gold Awards from Mom’s Choice Book Awards and Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards, and won multiple categories through Story Monsters Approves, Purple Dragonfly Awards, American Book Fest Awards, and San Diego Book Awards. On top of these awards, Joseph has also appeared in numerous podcasts.

Author of  The Wingless Angel

Fabrice Wilfong

"The skills required to write a book, and the skills required to publish a book, are very different. Acorn takes the hand of the writer and carefully guides them through the often-predatory landscape that is self-publishing. Without Acorn, my book, which is now flourishing, would just be a forgotten Word file."


-Fabrice Wilfong

      After publishing Fabrice Wilfong's debut novel The Wingless Angel, Acorn Publishing helped him secure a traditional publishing deal with Dunwich Edizioni. The Wingless Angel was a 2020 Winner at the New England Book Festival and Finalist at the 2020 Best Book Awards. Fabrice received an honorable mention for his book at the 2020 New York Book Festival. 

Gary Seigel

Author of  Haskell Himself

"Acorn was always helpful, consistently patient, and extremely responsive. I loved the fact they got back to me right away and maintained a professional approach to a business that sometimes feels overwhelming and frustrating. Their creativity also helped us come up with a great title and a wonderful cover. I couldn’t have done this without them, and I highly recommend ACORN for anyone thinking of hybrid-publishing their book."


-Gary Seigel

Carol Heasley

Author of  What Remains

"I'm so glad I discovered Acorn Publishing! I couldn't be more pleased with my beautiful book of poetry."


-Carol Heasley

Author of  The Hollis Timewire Series

Danielle Harrington
The Pure Ones ya fantasy trilogy by Danielle Harrington

"Meeting Acorn Publishing at the Southern California Writer's Conference was a dream come true. The day I woke up to a contract changed my life! The Acorn team provided clear direction for my novel, a step-by-step publication process, and an encouraging atmosphere that allowed me to flourish as an artist. I'm deeply thankful for their guidance and kind hearts. They turned my book into an incredible masterpiece, and I'm blessed to have had the opportunity to release my debut with them. A highly recommended team! You won't regret signing with them."


-Danielle Harrington

Dianne Beck

Author of  Sticks and Stones & Finding True North

Finding True North by Dianne Beck Christian young adult novel

"I'm grateful every day that I found Acorn Publishing. I am truly so appreciative of all they did to help me make this dream come true."


-Dianne Beck

      Dianne Beck’s novel Sticks and Stones was a Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards medalist in the YA Fiction Religion/Spirituality category. 

Author of  Once in a Blood Moon

Dorothea Hubble Bonneau

"Competence, compassion and creativity hallmark my experience with Acorn Publishing. Jessica and Holly and have been there and done that when it comes to their own books, and they have graciously honed their knowledge of how to publish and promote with aspiring authors like me. Their compassion and patience in answering my questions as a novice in the publishing world encouraged me to push forward, buoyed by their "you can do this" confidence. I am impressed by Acorn Publishing's review and revise mentality, a proactive, creative approach that seeks new ways to enhance the success of their authors. Thank you for helping me launch Once in a Blood Moon and for continuing to celebrate its foray into the world of books."


-Dorothea Hubble  Bonneau

     Dorothea Bonneau's novel, published by Acorn Publishing, has garnered widespread acclaim, including the 2020 Best Books Award and the American Fiction Award. Bonneau has also received honorable mentions at the New York and Los Angeles Book Festivals. Kirkus Review said Bonneau’s sharp writing, original plot, and strong female protagonist make for an engrossing read. Additionally, Once in a Blood Moon emerged as a finalist in the 2021 Screencraft Book to Screen Contest.

Loran Holt

Author of  The Nightmasters Series & Third Time's the Harm

"Writing is easy. You sit at the computer and your thoughts get translated into a story. Then you look for someone to appreciate your story. If you are lucky enough to find one, you are introduced to a whole new world of publishing. One can only hope to find a group of people as congenial, helpful, and welcoming as those at Acorn Publishing. My profound thanks go especially to Holly Youmans and Jessica Therrien for their guidance every step of the way."


-Loran Holt

Author of  The Voice of Reason and Spider and Friends Cafe

Kat Clark

"Acorn was nothing but conscientious and professional. I'm very grateful to Holly and Jessica. They've been great to work with."


-Kat Clark

D. James McGee

Author of  Beauty is the Beast

"Writing a novel has always been a dream of mine, but in the past I had concluded it to be such a monumental task, that it would be almost impossible for someone like me to complete, let alone bring it to print. After completing a few drafts of my first novel, I was fumbling around on various search engines looking for resources when I came across Acorn. Since then I have never looked back. Holly and Jessica have done all the heavy lifting. They are literally literary mind readers, who’ve listened, understood and displayed my vision exactly how I’ve perceived it. Everything from; editing, formatting, and uploading the work has been done for me. When it comes to the book cover, there isn’t a single person who doesn’t love it. I would never have been able to design such a thing myself. Holly and Jessica are there constantly for support. They never fail to answer emails and go over and above to ensure their clients are thoroughly satisfied. I’m so thrilled to be a part of such a supportive and talented community of writers. I’m looking forward to releasing many more novels under the guidance of the team at Acorn."


-D. James McGee

David Reed

Author of  Uphill And Into The Wind

"When I heard Acorn present their hybrid publishing business model at a writer’s conference, I knew this was for me. I loved the idea of keeping the rights to my story, and was tired of writing query letters to literary agents. I didn’t want to wait for years to see my book published. Throughout the process Jessica and Holly offered encouragement, were thorough, gently persistent, and worked tirelessly to bring me to press. They offered guidance when I felt awash in details I knew nothing about, and remained steadfast the entire time.

I’m so glad I became an Acorn writer."


-David Reed

Alexander Baima

Author of  Young, Broke, and Educated

"If you have enough passion and drive to spend years of your life working on a book then you owe it to yourself to have the best product possible. You deserve to be proud when you display your work of art on the mantle and have your family and friends read it. Acorn Publishing will provide you a product that is as good if not better than the vast majority of professionally published books out there. Thank you Holly and Jessica, I have something that I can be proud of for the rest of my life."


-Alexander Baima

J.C. Farmer

Author of  Counterfeit Lover

"Acorn Publishing is a model of professionalism combined with great knowledge and enthusiasm. What a special opportunity for a new author to be surrounded by such talented individuals! The Acorn team is always attentive, hardworking and sincere. And, the other authors in the Acorn family were incredibly friendly and helpful. I am grateful for all the encouragement and support I received at every step along the way."


-J. C. Farmer

Jessica Woo

Author & Illustrator of  What to do About Your Monsters

"Jessica and Holly are amazing. They have a great system of not only stepping you through the publishing process but teaching you about it as well.  I would have been a lost puppy without them. They answered every email and were incredibly patient with me and my 5 million questions. Jessica and Holly were more than just publishers, they really help connect you with a community of people and are cheerleaders to helping you release a successful book."


-Jessica Woo

Chris Riedel

Author of  Blood Money

"I decided to work with Acorn Publishing because I had a story with great national interest that became time-sensitive, and we needed to get it out. Acorn not only worked with our tight timeline, but put their full expertise to work to produce an absolutely beautiful book and cover that conveys both the spirit and tone of my story. In addition, they consulted with us on marketing and promotional strategies that added to our social media and media campaigns. There's an advantage to having publishers who know what it feels like to write books themselves, and we reaped the benefits of that. Acorn went out of the box for us, and the results speak for themselves. I'm delighted to be an Acorn-published author."


-Chris Riedel

Barbara Meyer Link

Author of  Chokecherry Girl

T.D. Fox

Author of  The Walls of Orion and City of Loons

"I'm so thankful for my time learning and growing with Holly and Jessica and the incredible Acorn team! Seriously, the editor they connected me with has become an awesome mentor in the industry, and I'm so grateful for the expertise and guidance of the team as I've tackled publishing my first book! This experience has been invaluable in launching off my writing career. Thanks guys!"

-T.D. Fox

Simone De Muñoz

Author of  Manflu

"My experience working with Acorn has been excellent. Holly and Jessica are extremely responsive and professional. I met them at a writing conference in February of 2020 when I had just started writing Manflu and they encouraged me to finish quickly since my book was so timely. When I was done, I contacted them immediately and they were able to get my book published in about 6 months, which never would have happened with a different publisher. They also helped with my launch strategy, which propelled Manflu to number two in new release medical thrillers on pub day, ahead of a James Patterson book! If you are curious, I recommend contacting Acorn and having a conversation - they are very upfront about what they do and do not offer. If you do choose Acorn, you can rest assured that they are great to work with."

-Simone De Muñoz

Nancy "Pants" Johnson

Author of  Things My Mama Never Told Me

"I am grateful to Holly and Jessica at Acorn Publishing for the opportunity to complete my dream of publishing Things My Mama Never Told Me. Their step-by-step guides got me through the alternating days of elation and frustration as I learned how to negotiate the many responsibilities in the author-driven process. As a retired English teacher, I am constantly amazed at what it takes to be a life-long learner. Both Holly and Jessica’s patient support got me to the finish line. Two most fulfilling moments? Seeing the finished cover and becoming #1 in two categories on the first day of sales. (Ask Holly how to do this! Pretty darn exciting!)"

-Nancy Mae Johnson

Patricia Street

Author of  The Last Stop