Acorn Publishing is highly selective and only accepts quality work deemed a good fit for our label. If a submitted manuscript is not publish-ready we may still accept it if we recognize the potential. In this case, we will require the author to work with one of our content editors prior to publication.


Pre-Publication Editorial Services - $3200 for 100,000 words or less

  • A complete second read-through is included in this price

  • Editorial services are NOT included when signing with Acorn Publishing


If your book is accepted into the imprint we will provide two paths for you to choose from:


We also provide a concierge service for those looking for a seasoned ghost writer for their story.




The Indie Author Path is for authors who want to maintain full control of every aspect of the publishing process. The author will have a hand in each of the necessary steps, whether it be working directly with your formatter, or uploading and managing their own content. This grants the capable author a greater sense of freedom to promote and market a product crafted specific to their liking.



The Traditional Publishing Path is for authors who would rather have all the steps involved in publishing taken care of for them. Much like with a traditional publisher, authors can concentrate solely on their writing. With this package everything from cover design to content management, formatting, distribution, etc. is handled by Acorn Publishing allowing the author the freedom to write that next book.


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The Concierge Experience is for those who have a powerful story, experience, or idea but need a ghost writer to help them write the book. Our seasoned professionals will not only take on the role of crafting your story, but all the steps involved in publishing as well. Much like with a traditional publisher, the concierge package includes everything from cover design to content management, formatting, and distribution.


Barnes & Noble Book Signings


Guidance From Industry Professionals


Foreign Rights Representation

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Print & Ebook Distribution


Organized Book Events

On her experience with Acorn Publishing

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Jan Steele

Honestly, Acorn Publishing is amazing. I would have never been able to do this on my own. There are so many things I would have never known to do. Their guidance and support is invaluable."


Marketing & Promotional Support

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Award-Winning Writers


Best-Selling Books


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On his experience with Acorn Publishing

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Mikel J. Wilson

I made the right decision when I signed with Acorn Publishing. The team offered me a clear path to success in publishing my first mystery novel. In addition to giving me insightful feedback that strengthened and elevated my book, they provided a clear, step-by-step process for shepherding it to publication and beyond. They’ve been my strongest advocates and my biggest cheerleaders, and I look forward to publishing with them for years to come."

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FREE Custom Cover Design


A Community of Supportive Authors


Release Day Marketing Strategy

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Custom Interior Book Formatting

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Keep Your Rights & Profits

On her experience with Acorn Publishing

Lori Oliver-Tierney
Lori Oliver-Tierney

The love and patience Acorn showed as I literally trudged along in this journey was admirable. They are the best. They inspired and drove me on. I can never thank them enough."