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You’ve spent a lot of time writing your manuscript. For an audience to find your book in today’s overcrowded marketplace, it needs to look professional in every way so it stands out.

Here's why Acorn may be your best option.

Publishing Package


Unless you're a celebrity or a well-known author, the chances of getting picked up by an established traditional publishing house are 1-2%.* A good agent can help, but getting one can seem impossible because millions of manuscripts are submitted for representation every year. 

Going traditional has often been viewed as the best publishing option, but that’s changed and so have the earnings. Those six-figure advances you've heard about are rare—if offered at all—especially for unestablished authors. Royalties—the amount authors earn from books sales—are also small, roughly 10%, and an agent’s cut is typically 15% of that.

Traditional publishers seldom spend their marketing budgets on new authors. Those dollars go to famous people and writers with huge followings. Your book will get some basic support, but most marketing efforts and costs are up to you.

And there’s one more thing to consider: Having your book published the traditional way usually takes years. If you want your book to get to market faster, this may not be the best option for you.



*"Odds of Getting Published Statistics."




Bestselling, award-winning author Kat Ross says,


"I arrived late to the traditional publishing party (my debut was 2014), so I never even saw most of the perks. I continue to be grateful I took the indie plunge, left my agent, and connected with Acorn. It’s the best business and creative decision I’ve ever made."



Acorn Publishing is an imprint for talented writers serious about their craft who want their work to reach the widest possible audience. Our team of experienced industry professionals works to ensure your story has the best shot at success in today's crowded market.

We take care of everything so you can spend your time doing what you love—writing. From editing and formatting to cover design and marketing, your book is professionally handled.


Pricing is comparable to what you'll pay to self-publish,* and royalties are much higher than you'll see with any traditional publisher. Best of all, your book can be released in about 8 months.


Amazon releases over 1.4 million self-published books every year.* The rise of AI makes it easier than ever to create content, which means more books, more choices, and more competition. For your book to stand out so an audience will want to read it, everything about it has to be as good as it can be. 

Most self-published authors go it alone without professional help and fail to find readership. The vast majority sell fewer than a hundred copies over a lifetime.

Uploading an average book to Amazon and expecting it to catch on and find readers who aren't your family or friends is akin to screaming into a hurricane. 

*"Self-published Books & Authors Sales Statistics." 

Acorn Publishing book signing authors Holly Kammier and Mikel J. Wilson

Acorn organizes Barnes & Noble book signings for Acorn authors.

Barnes & Noble
Book Signings

R.D. Robin Kardon Flygirl romance novel series author to watch San Diego Magazine

Acorn provides blog tours, a mass email promotion, placement on NetGalley, upgraded custom landing pages, and much more.

Marketing & Promotional Support

award winning custom cover design

Acorn creates award-winning custom ebook, paperback, and hardcover designs.

Custom Cover Design

Acorn Publishing's My Name is Rose by Alexa Kingaard at Barnes & Noble bookshelf

Acorn creates your custom press release and provides guidance on how to get your book placed in bookstores big and small. 

Professional Industry

award winning book and authors

Acorn authors have won more than 500 industry awards. 

Award-Winning Writers

Barnes & Noble book signing for our Acorn authors

Acorn authors encourage one another by writing testimonials and reviews and by organizing and attending each other’s events.

Community of Supportive Authors

Foreign Rights deals for Acorn Publishing authors

Acorn pitches your work to traditional publishers overseas and has secured dozens of foreign publishing deals for our authors.

Award-Winning Writers

Community of Supportive Authors

Foreign Rights Representation

USA Today bestselling author K.A. Fox YA Fantasy The Devil's Own

Acorn makes ebooks and print books available for purchase all around the globe. 

Print & Ebook Distribution

Copy of Congratulations Kristi!.png

Acorn runs Amazon bestseller campaigns for all our new authors

Bestselling Books

Meet our newest author Roslyn W. Woodard

Acorn creates quality graphics and promotes your author announcement, cover reveal, release day, and major accomplishments.

Acorn Facebook Community

Mourning Dove Series TV Post.png

Acorn pitches your work to literary agents who specialize in securing film and television rights.

Film & Television Deals

The Scent of Heat by E.P. Sery Israeli romance novel

Acorn creates high-end custom interior design for your book.

Custom Interior Book Formatting

Author book signing at WonderCon in Orange County Holly Kammier and Gene Desrochers

Acorn invites you to participate at book events, including the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, the largest book festival in the United States.

Organized Book Events

Acorn Publishing branded logo

Acorn publishes your book under its established imprint with a branded logo.

Branded Logo

Dennis K. Crosby Comicon Author Urban Fantasy

Acorn enables you to achieve your publishing dream and further your writing career today.

Author Engagement

On her experience with Acorn Publishing

Eileen Li-Ying Lundquest author Photo
Yi-Ling Lundquist 

"Acorn Publishing was the answer to my childhood dream. They matched me with an incredible ghostwriter, who worked with me for six months to translate my story into beautifully written prose. I'm so proud of the legacy Acorn helped me create."

On his experience with Acorn Publishing

Mikel J. Wilson book release
Mikel J. Wilson

"I made the right decision when I signed with Acorn Publishing. The team offered me a clear path to success in publishing my first mystery novel. In addition to giving me insightful feedback that strengthened and elevated my book, they provided a clear, step-by-step process for shepherding it to publication and beyond. They’ve been my strongest advocates and my biggest cheerleaders, and I look forward to publishing with them for years to come."

On his experience with Acorn Publishing

Lee Isaac author Hangar 4 military memoir PTSD
Isaac Lee

"After researching multiple publishing options, I decided that Acorn would be the best fit. In the end, they exceeded my expectations and supported my vision for this story completely. In a matter of months, they helped me publish a polished and professional book that is exactly what I hoped it would be." 

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