Acorn Publishing is owned and operated by two best-selling authors, Holly Kammier and Jessica Therrien. After being published by a small press out of Los Angeles and hitting the #3 best-selling book for Teens on Barnes & Noble, Jessica learned that the world of traditional publishing isn't for everyone. Jessica got her rights back, and teamed up with Holly, a fellow writer, as well as a content editor with a background in journalism and book publicity. Together, Holly & Jessica formed Acorn Publishing. Check out what makes Acorn Publishing different by clicking here!

Co-Founder & Best-Selling Author of Kingston Court

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Author and highly accomplished content editor/writing coach whose authors have gone on to become USA Today and New York Times best-sellers, Holly Kammier teaches at several writers conferences across Southern California. She is a former journalist who has worked everywhere from CNN in Washington, D.C. and Channel 13 News in Los Angeles, to the NBC affiliate in small-town Medford, Oregon.

The UCLA honor grad and mother of teenage boys, lives in her hometown of San Diego, close to extended family and friends. Her fourth book, Lost Girl, a Shelby Day Novel, releasing early January, follows a small-town investigative reporter hunting down a brutal killer.

Holly is an avid reader with a passion for timeless books and gorgeous writing. She also enjoys long walks on the beach, pink peonies, and spending time with her family.

Co-Founder & Best-selling author of Children of the Gods

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Jessica Therrien is the author of the young adult series Children of the Gods. Book one in the series, Oppression, became a Barnes & Noble best-seller shortly after its release. Her trilogy has been translated and sold through major publishers around the world, such as Editions AdA (Canada), EditionsMilan (France), Dunwich Edizioni (Italy), and SharpPoint Press (China). Aside from her Children of the Gods series, Jessica is also the author of Carry Me Home, a contemporary YA novel, and a kid’s picture book called, The Loneliest Whale. Her award-winning stories can also be found in a published anthology of flash fiction. After growing up in the tiny town of Chilcoot, CA, population 108, Jessica currently lives in Irvine, CA with her husband and three young children.

Consulting Editor

Veteran Consulting Editor and Author LAURA TAYLOR is a permanent faculty member of the Southern California Writers' Conference, a member of International Thriller Writers and the Authors Guild, and one of the original 25 Founding Members and served on the Board of Directors of Novelists, Inc. Her 20 years of editorial expertise extends across all fiction genres, non-fiction, academic texts, memoirs, and screenplays. The recipient of more than a dozen national writing awards and endorsements of her writing by creative luminaries Pat Conroy and WEB Griffin, she also holds a B.S. Degree in Criminal Justice from California State University at Long Beach.  

Consulting Editor & Interior Book Design

Christa Yelich-Koth is the bestselling author of the Eomix Galaxy Books collection. Her debut novel, ILLUSION, won the 2016 Novel of Excellence Award in Science Fiction. Aside from writing, Christa loves to work with other authors, helping to shape their books through either editing or formatting, and get them ready for publication. She has worked with both award-winning and bestselling authors. Christa has hosted several workshops at the Southern California Writers Conference, was co-editor for REDSHIFT, and a panelist at several scifi and fantasy conventions. Her goal as an editor is to help enhance the beauty of the author's voice/style while working through anything that bogs the story down. She wants the author to feel uplifted as a writer and encouraged to make changes to tell their story the best way possible.

Consulting Editor

Molly is a PhD candidate in English at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, where she studies 19th century British literature. Prior to her return to academia, she worked in communications for two non-profits in southern California and co-owned a start-up publishing firm. She received a Masters degree in English from the University of Edinburgh and a Bachelors in English and writing at Wheaton College. When she's not editing, she's reading intelligent books and watching less-than-intelligent TV while trying to keep the plants on her patio alive. 

Copy Editor & Interior Book Designer

Debbie, with an extraordinary eye for detail and design, has been formatting book interiors for the last decade, and performing high-quality proofreading, typesetting, page layout, prepress, and merging for the past forty years. Her passion blossomed early. A lifelong voracious reader, Debbie became fascinated with the symbols and lines on all kinds of printed pieces even before she learned letters. She got in trouble several times as a child for “writing” spiral characters all over her bedroom wall and in her parents’ books.  The almost-native Californian lives in San Diego with her author husband, David Kennedy and, when she’s not making books more beautiful, she enjoys hiking, gardening, and creating jewelry.

Consulting Editor

Zan Strumfeld is a modern-day Renaissance woman. With a decade of multi-faceted editorial expertise, she has worked with all genres—fiction, non-fiction/memoir, screenplays—as well as newspapers, magazines, and advertising/marketing agencies. She has led a team of proofreaders, worked on the script for an award-winning web series, and edited best-selling novels. As a consulting editor for Acorn Publishing, Zan offers developmental edits and proofreading. Outside of the literary world, she leads an internationally acclaimed folk band and occasionally works on farms.

Consulting Editor

Shelly Stinchcomb is a passionate fan of the written word! As a developmental editor with over 9 years of experience, she takes the approach of a writing coach. Her expertise, strength, and value is in working closely with writers on areas such as language, story flow, narrative tension, plot and character development, consistency, and pace. Understanding how intrusive editing can feel, she takes great pride in providing an honest review and thoughtful suggestions, often with explanation, so not only does the writer’s current manuscript improve, their overall writing for future projects does as well.


Shelly edits for fiction authors across a variety of genres, with multiple best-selling authors. Outside of the book world, she can be found hanging with her pups, enjoying the indie music scene, or sampling wines from local vineyards.

Illustrator & Illustration Mentor

Dorene Uhrich has been an artist her whole life. She began her career as a children's book illustrator with Acorn Publishing and has taken on several projects for Acorn authors including, The Loneliest Whale, Sammy's Flame, and Jen's Hens Make New Friends.

In addition to illustrating books for authors, Dorene mentors those who have the talent to illustrate their own work but need guidance with software, layout, and other technical aspects of the process.

Dorene lives in the woods with her husband and son where they chase their dogs and admire the view. She can often be found planting seeds, sewing, and cuddling in front of the fire.

IT Consultant

Julian started working Cyber Security in 2008 but has been working in IT doing tech support since 2001. He has been a Security Operations Analyst for multiple financial institutions, a Fortune 500 medical supplier, and Sempra Energy, a North American energy infrastructure company. He is a Microsoft Certified Professional, Certified Novell Administrator, as well as Comptia A+ and Comptia N+ certified. He loves spending time with his family, fishing, hiking, biking, and technology. Julian is supporting all of Acorn's Information Technology needs as our IT Consultant.

Event Management & Author Outreach

Hank Whitson is a freelance writer & narrative designer as well as Acorn Publishing’s All-Purpose Intern. He has told stories in a variety of mediums including classical ballet, alternate reality games, viral film scripts, news articles, and traditional fiction formats. After working as a bookseller and earning his English degree from University of California at Irvine, Hank earned his Masters Degree in Digital Media at the Georgia Institute of Technology, and went on to work with 42 Entertainment. At Acorn, he assists with social media marketing, event management, community outreach, and other forms of interactive engagement. When he isn’t writing his third manuscript, Hank enjoys skiing, cosplay, mixology, and playing games or designing his own. He and his wife reside in Duarte, owned by three black cats.


Lindsey is a 2018 graduate from the College of William & Mary with a degree in Government and Creative Writing. She's worked as a research intern at the Center for American Progress and with the Virginia Department of Transportation. She lived in Berlin, Germany for a year working as an Au Pair. She has had a lifelong love of reading and writing, and a desire to do what she can for representation of women and LGBTQ characters in literature. Lindsey would love to eventually publish her own novels, and add to a body of existing work by and for strong women. She loves spending time with her dogs, keeping up with the newest movies, and drinking coffee with friends. 

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