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NEW AUTHOR - Carol Ann Heasley

We've added a poet to our growing collective of writers! Welcome Carol Ann Heasley, our newest Acorn. We can't wait to share her work with you!

Carol Ann Heasley is a California native, where she loves, laughs and snuggles with her children and husband. She also enjoys gardening, riding horses, and performing in theater.

Born in Perris, CA, the first child of six, she survived her father’s schizophrenia while living in poverty. Her dream to pursue a college career was realized when she earned her master’s degree from USD in English Literature. She further completed Novel Writing at Grossmont College in San Diego, CA. Carol credits her professors and an encouraging academic atmosphere for cultivating her growth in writing.

Carol’s work has been published in Theatre of the Mind, Oasis Journal and The La Jolla Pen Women Journal. After teaching at local community colleges, she became a full-time caregiver for her son who suffers a mental illness.

Between Dark and Light: Poetry by Carol Ann Heasley


Carol’s poems are ‘in the moment experiences’, where at the root of every word is a bond between the speaker and the subject of the poem. Although at times beautiful, there is a stark reminder of our humanity. She employs free verse in various forms. The poetry exemplifies humankind’s place in the universe through settings which range over time and place. Carol’s inspiration for her poetry derives from the spirit - the chi- that transports us beyond the disrepair of our world.


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