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Secrets and Promises: The Story of an Italian American Family

Take a trip to Umbria, Italy and uncover generations of secrets.

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Secrets and Promises: The Story of an Italian American Family

by Anna Wilcoxson

When Virginia, a feisty ninety-six-year-old schoolteacher, and her daughter, Anna, travel to Scheggino, Italy, to explore their roots, they uncover a secret about their family’s history that connects them to the powerful Urbino Truffle Empire. They share the same last name, but no one in the village is talking…except for a one-eyed man named Enzo who still remembers. He believes some stones are better left unturned, but Virginia can feel the family secrets in this village, and she wants to know them all.

In Italy in the 1900s, three brave but imperfect brothers flee their Umbrian home, hoping to escape their troubled past by settling in the seaside town of San Diego, near the Mexican border. The brothers are determined to secure a piece of the American dream, but devastating loss and consequences prevent them from finding the freedom they seek.

Virginia and Anna cling to fragments of their heritage and a mysterious locket that may hold the most surprising revelation of all. Will their discoveries be too shameful to accept? Or will the scandals of the previous generation inspire forgiveness that redeems the family name for good?


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