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Copy of COVER REVEAL - Third Time's the Harm

Murphy's Law #3 is coming! We have a cover and a pre-order!

Earthly Shadows

by K.A. Fox

Still reeling from a devastating loss and bitter betrayal, Delaney Murphy is focused on one simple thing - revenge. And to get what she wants, she might just unleash an unchecked darkness upon the world.

With her humanity fading and the infernal part of her growing stronger by the day, Laney will travel Below to hunt down the one who hurt those she loves and end his bid to steal her birthright.

What she finds when she gets there will change everything, because there are worse things than demons waiting for her, and her enemy is using the most potent magic of all to fuel his onslaught - souls. A final choice will decide the fate of everyone, Above and Below.

Can Delaney deliver the fatal blow when she needs to? Or will she fail those who matter the most in the end?



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