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Meet Our Newest Acorn Author, Ryan McKinney!


by Ryan McKinney

Key has no past.

Shio has no future.

And they both just made the short list of Galivaria’s Most Wanted.

In a city divided between freaks and normies, predators and prey, there’s only one rule.

Stay in your lane.

On the right side of the wall, the glittering towers of the rich pierce the endless rain clouds.

On the other, outcast Sundowners rule the night—hustling, hacking code, and deep-diving into the bliss of the virtual world.

Shio is just a cog in the corporate machine, sleepwalking through his tech-support job until the day he crosses paths with Key and ends up on the wrong side of the wall. Now, agents from the feared Med-Sec police are gunning for them both.

It has something to do with Key’s true identity—if only he had a clue who he really is. Left for dead three years ago, he woke up with a cybernetic spine and a head full of horrific dreams.

Forced into an unlikely alliance, Key and Shio must dig out the truth before time runs out. And it might be far worse than they ever imagined. . .


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