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NEW AUTHOR - Laura Findley Evans

The Dragon and the Girl Series

Book 1: True North

by Laura Findley Evans

October 2021

The last dragons in the kingdom were killed a half century ago. At least that’s what twelve-year-old Eliana has grown up hearing. Imagine her surprise when one morning in the forest she finds herself eye-to-eye with a young dragon named Winston who is just as terrified as she is.

Overcoming her fear, Eliana reaches out to the shaking dragon and miraculously can understand what he is telling her just by touching his brilliant emerald green and turquoise scales. Winston says his father has been missing since the last full moon, and she vows to help.

Together, they seek out the King for guidance, but upon reaching the castle they realize that short, frazzled King Halwyn has problems of his own. The kingdom’s treasure is missing and the tribute to the Overking is due in a few short weeks. If unpaid, Halwyn will lose his kingdom to the Overking’s feckless nephew.

Elianna and Winston must work fast, discovering the gifts and courage within themselves to find the treasure before their kingdom falls into the wrong hands, and people and dragons perish forever.



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