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We love showing off all of our beautiful covers! After long last, author E. P. Sery's cover for her debut novel The Scent of Heat is here! Isn't it beautiful?


September 1, 2018

-- Ariella Paz is not in a good place. It’s the 1950s, and the 19-year-old is serving her country in the Israeli military, going home at night to a mother who is devastatingly ill, and realizing her dream of leaving home and going to America is slipping further and further away. Meeting Arik Emmanuel, her boss’s friend, lifts her spirits and distracts Ariella from her sorrows. He showers her with love and luxury, which only masks the dangers inherent in his increasingly possessive behavior. As their torrid and secret love affair plays out in Israel and Europe, Ariella has some big decisions to make. Can she really leave her family in their time of need? Does she have a legitimate future with Arik? And is there anyone in whom she can confide? Each direction she turns will change her life dramatically. Perhaps our destiny isn't something written in the stars, but a path forged by the choices we make.

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