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COVER REVEAL - Scoring Reagan

Tori Kron just keeps shooting tens with the Panther Player Series!. It was hard to keep this one a secret for so long, especially considering how amazing it is! Congratulations Tori!

Reviews for the Panther Player Series

"The author is skillful, delightful, and deft in her telling of the 'push me-pull you' tale. I enjoyed the story throughout, despite being exasperated. The alternating POV chapters helped, displaying the frustrations and feelings roiling within each protagonist." - PJ Colando

"Kron really has a knack of making you root for these characters, despite and maybe even because of both of their flaws. Her writing is fast paced and exciting, and I cannot wait for the rest of the series!!!!!" - Melissa Perkins

"an adorably sweet, deliciously fun, and pleasantly entertaining sports romance that played with my emotions a bit, but a sure win in my heart!" - KarenJo Custodio

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