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COVER REVEAL - Taking Time

Drumroll, please...



A tale of physics, lust and greed...

Mike Murphey's Taking Time is coming soon, so stay tuned!!

Taking Time

By Mike Murphey

July 1, 2020

The year is 2044. In a secret complex beneath the eastern Arizona desert, a consortium of governments and corporations have combined in a program on the scale of the Manhattan Project. Their plan is to bludgeon the laws of physics into submission and make time travel a reality.

Rife with insecurity, Marshall Grissom has spent his whole life trying not to call attention to himself, so he can’t imagine he would be remotely suited for the role of time travel pioneer. He’s even less enthusiastic about this corporate time-travel adventure when he learns that nudity is a job requirement. The task would better match the talents of other candidates, like the smart and beautiful Sheila Schuler, or the bristle-tough and rattlesnake-mean Marta Hamilton. The three are among a hundred or so candidates vying to make up the first traveling team.

As the project evolves into a clash between science and corporate greed, problems begin to escalate. Those contributing the funding are mostly interested in manipulating time travel for profit, and will stop at nothing, including murder.


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