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Author Highlight - Christina Mai Fong

Author of the Nightingale Songs series

Acorn Publishing, LLC... from the tiny acorn grows the mighty oak!

“Your voice is powerful, and that makes it dangerous.” This statement sums up the protagonist's story in THE NIGHTINGALE SONGS SERIES, as well as the author’s own life journey. Acorn author Christina Mai Fong has always loved writing and telling stories, especially stories drawn from Asian-American culture. But being a shy kid, she struggled with believing that her voice was good enough to be heard. However, she continued to write and dream of being published.

One night, she had a dream about girls with magical talents who were trapped in cages and not allowed to use their gifts. This was the idea that sparked the first draft of UNDER THE LAVENDER MOON. The journey of writing this novel helped Christina to discover her voice and to realize she had to summon the courage to speak up and take steps to make her publishing dreams a reality.

In publishing THE NIGHTINGALE SONGS SERIES, Christina hopes to inspire all the writers out there who might not believe in the power of their voice. Not everyone will listen, but some will, and those people need to hear your story. So tell your story and don’t be afraid to share your gift, your voice, with the world.

To learn more about Christina's writing journey or to purchase her must-read books, please visit


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