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Meet Our Newest Author—Isaac G. Lee!

We are excited to announce our newest Acorn, Isaac G. Lee, whose military memoir, HANGAR 4, is slated for publication in April 2024.

by Isaac G. Lee

The Best of the Best . . .

Risk taker.
Combat aviator.

From Officer Candidates School to squadron Commanding Officer, Isaac G. Lee, Lieutenant Colonel USMC (Ret.), reached the finish line at HANGAR 4 on MCAS Miramar at the conclusion of seven deployments during his two decades of service. He shares the lessons, the rewards, the losses and, ultimately, the personal cost in this memoir.

Isaac pushed every boundary he encountered as a combat aviator, repeatedly testing his own mettle under harsh wartime conditions. He sets a high standard in HANGAR 4 with his candid accounting of a transformative journey that took place while he endeavored to balance life in the squadron, the cockpit, in war zones and at home.

Combat defines every warfighter, along with episodes of survivor's guilt, emotional numbness and lingering grief. Personal reckoning occurs in the aftermath of war. Truth triumphs.

Once a Marine, always a Marine.


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