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Meet Our Newest Author—Pat Henneberry!

We are over-the-moon to announce our newest Acorn, Pat Henneberry, whose powerful memoir, MY SOUL SHOWED UP, is slated for publication this summer.

Finding Hope and Resilience Against All Odds

by Pat Henneberry

Pat Henneberry is in the prime of her life when, with no warning, her back breaks. Rendered helpless, this fit, active athlete is thrust into a storm of doctors, chronic pain, and PTSD. It seems all her body wants to do is give up, but she refuses to let it win.

In this uplifting, inspirational memoir, Henneberry gathers grace and gratitude as she travels the not-so-straight road to recovery. Along the way, she asks all the right questions, including, Why me?; Why is accepting help such a struggle?; and Why is it so hard to adopt a dog?


My Soul Showed Up candidly reveals one woman’s determination to maintain her faith and her sense of humor while building resilience against all odds. This book serves as a motivating manual for us all about how to keep showing up even when life keeps knocking us down.


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