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New Release!

We are so happy to announce the release of Ballads of Shadow and Light by Christina Mai Fong!

Ballads of Shadow and Light

Nightingale Songs Book 2

By Christina Mai Fong

After a harrowing escape from Cedar Palace, Rilla and her faithful friend, Aiden, must locate the Sacred Cedar Scepter. This icon is the key to securing the throne for Prince Carrick, who has remained behind to fight his wicked brother for power. Without the scepter, no one can claim the right to rule, and the kingdom will collapse from the ensuing chaos.

Now, Rilla and Aiden must venture to Emberwood Kingdom, where they believe they will find the mysterious thief who stole the scepter. If only things were that easy.

First, they must cross the enemy forests of the shapeshifting Yao, sail across Miyu-infested seas, and remain vigilant of the face-changing Androgy Haming, who is close on their tail. It’s a race to see who can locate the scepter first. All the while, Rilla’s struggle to control her magical tin-chai makes her doubt herself as she may have lost her healing ability forever. She fears that her power to kill will hurt someone she loves. And as Aiden and Rilla grow closer during their journey, Rilla begins to question her developing feelings toward her friend and the love she thought she had for Carrick.

Despite their determination, one main uncertainty lingers. Even if they do retrieve the scepter, will Carrick be deemed worthy enough to receive the right to rule? Or does Old Grandfather Heaven have other plans?


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