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Where It All Began

Over the weekend, Holly and I had the pleasure of attending the Southern California Writers Conference. We were excited and nervous, not knowing how our hybrid publishing company would be received by so many writers.

What happened was amazing. Not only were we welcomed with open arms and embraced as writers ourselves, but those who attended our workshop were blown away by the concept of our company. For so long, writers have been forced to choose between the long and difficult path of traditional publishing and the struggles of self-publishing. We offer the in between, and I'm happy to say, that idea excited and motivated everyone in the room.

I couldn't have imagined a more successful conference, and we are so thrilled to be offering a solution to our fellow writers.

Bottom line, it was such a wonderful experience being around so many amazing, inspiring, excited authors, and we had so much fun reliving our first conference...Holly and I have come so far since we met there in that exact hotel at the 2011 Southern California Writers Conference.

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