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What Makes Acorn Publishing Different?

First, a little background...

In 2012 one of our co-owners, Jessica Therrien, was picked up by a traditional publishing house. Her book, OPPRESSION, became a Barnes & Noble best-seller and she quickly got picked up by several international publishing houses. But after doing most of the marketing herself she started to question the value of a traditional publisher in todays ever-changing world of publishing. She was doing most of the work, and they were seeming to reap the profit.

She ultimately got her rights back, and joined forces with fellow writer, Holly Kammier. With Holly's extensive background in journalism and public relations, the two formed a company that took the benefits of traditional publishing and combined them with the freedoms of self-publishing. The concept is new, but we've been calling it a "Hybrid" publishing company.

Here's what makes us different:

1. When you sign with a traditional publisher, you sign away the rights to your book. The publisher has you bound to a contract and you no longer have control over any aspect of your book.

With Acorn Publishing, you keep 100% of your rights and can leave to publish elsewhere at any time. You keep the control. You make the decisions about pricing, sales, the look and feel of your book, the cover, etc.

2. Instead of taking a percentage of each sale of your book, we charge a one-time upfront fee, and that’s it. If you make $100,000 you get to keep it. We do not take a percentage of that income.

Some of the good things that make us like a traditional publisher:

1. Our books are vetted, meaning we don't accept every author who submits to us. By being selective about the books we include under our imprint, we ensure that our catalogue is of good quality. Our books are set apart from the vast amounts of self-published work flooding the market.

2. You get to brand your book with our logo, giving your novel a professional look and feel you can be proud of.

3. You get the support of a team of professionals to help you along the way. We promote your book, represent your work at numerous book festivals, and answer any questions you may have about the process.

Acorn Publishing is the best of both worlds. By choosing to self-publish, you are able to maintain control of every aspect of the process, but by doing it with us, your work assumes another level of legitimacy. Even though behind the scenes you will technically be self-publishing, to the rest of the world your work will appear “traditionally published” with a branded logo and “published by Acorn Publishing” on all retailer websites.

You get the control and profits, yet still have the cover appeal and expertise that comes with an established publisher.

We are openly accepting submissions in all genres. Although our catalogue is quickly filling up for 2017 we will work with your timeline to the best of our ability.

For submission requirements, click HERE.

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