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Meet Our Newest Author: E. P. Sery!

We are so excited to welcome the incredibly talented Estee Perchik Sery to the team!!!

Our newest Acorn author traveled the globe before landing here in the United States. Born and raised in Israel, Estee left for South Africa in her early twenties when her fiancé, now her husband of 50 years, finished engineering school and was offered a business opportunity in Johannesburg.

Just before a major political shift in her adopted country, Estee moved to California with her family in 1993 and has been soaking in the San Diego sunshine since 1994. In addition to raising her children, Estee worked as a Hebrew language teacher and a teachers’ trainer. She took writing courses run by accomplished poets and authors, and she wrote Hebrew language teachers’ guide books alongside other educators.

Retired now, Estee is putting all of her life experiences to good use, indulging in painting, photography, and of course, writing. Her first novel, THE SCENT OF HEAT, follows a beautiful young Israeli woman who dreams of moving to America, that is until an older married man lures her into a torrid love affair she has to fight to escape if she wants her freedom.

Estee's novel, THE SCENT OF HEAT, will be released through Acorn in fall of 2018.

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