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Meet Our Newest Author: Jen Petrovich!

When our illustrator, Dorene Uhrich, first showed me her "draft" work for a new children's book called Jen's Hens Make New Friends, I have to admit...I thought it was a photograph. I was a bit confused, because she's a great artist so I didn't know why she'd want to use pictures of hens in this new book.

Then I looked closer. The "draft" was actually A PAINTING! *Mind Blown* The photograph-like PAINTING is below. You'll see what I mean...

Needless to say, the story is adorable and we love Dorene's work, so this one was a no-brainer.

Welcome to Acorn, Jen!

By day, Jen Petrovich is a Chief Financial Officer at a legal services nonprofit in Southern California. The rest of her time is spent deeply invested in her organic garden, beekeeping and raising a flock of backyard chickens. When Jen decided six years ago to start raising hens, she had no idea how smart, fun and endearing the hens would be. Jen and her niece, Dorene Uhrich, plan to publish a series of books about her real-life encounters with the hens.

JEN'S HENS MAKE NEW FRIENDS will be released through Acorn later this year.

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