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NEW RELEASE - Scoring Reagan

We're excited to announce the release of Book 2 in the Panther Players Series, SCORING REAGAN, is out today! If you haven't read Book 1, Courting Kate, check it out. You won't be disappointed.

Congrats Tori! We absolutely LOVE your books.

Basketball star, Deacon Bailey didn’t mean to fall for his best friend’s little sister, but matters of the heart can’t be controlled. Nor can Reagan Cassidy. She won’t agree to advance their relationship beyond a fling.

With a troubled past that haunts her, Reagan refuses to risk her heart, so she pushes away the opportunity to date the perfect man. But when Deacon takes center stage as the city’s celebrity bachelor, Reagan can’t help but question her choice.

Especially when Saachi enters the scene as a contestant on the show. She’s Deacon’s perfect match. And Reagan’s worst nightmare.

In a world where love isn’t a game easily won, Deacon and Reagan will have to decide if they want to play fair or if they want to play for keeps.

Grab your copy today!

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