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COMING SOON: The 7th Dimension, by Monica Broussard!

We are excited to announce Acorn author Monica Broussard is back with Book 2 in The 21 Tattoos Series!

The 7th Dimension
by Monica Broussard

What do a comatose old woman, a dying gang member, and a brutal assault on a teenage boy have in common? Derek Hollinger isn’t sure, but he knows they’re all connected to the mysterious tattoos that suddenly appeared across his body.

Determined to untangle the web spun by the vicious thug known as “Spider,” Derek embarks on a journey of redemption that leads from his lavish L.A. penthouse to the seedy world of underground fighting and human trafficking. But as he ventures deeper down the rabbit hole, the self-exiled plastic surgeon realizes that the answer lies within his heart and mind … and soul. 

Faith is the key to reclaiming his life, but choosing God may be difficult for Derek, who has spent his entire career valuing material success over spiritual growth.

In this thrilling sequel to 21 Tattoos, Derek must face the hard truth about where his tattoos came from and an even harder truth about what it will take to be free of them once and for all.


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