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Cover Reveal - Chasing Justice

We are excited to share the cover for the latest legal thriller by G.J. Berger!

Chasing Justice

by G.J. Berger

Brilliant Judge Angela Cornwell sits on the California Superior Court. One busy Friday morning, Angela’s mentor lies dead in his own chambers. The police say he blew his brains out. Not possible to Angela, she can’t leave it alone.

Decades before, rogue FBI agent, Frank Maier, gets a murder case of a young woman in Washington D.C. Too soon he’s ordered to back away, even threatened. But he can’t leave it alone either.

In their separate quests, Frank and Angela learn the two killings are related to other deaths that all arise from the biggest true crime of the last century. They each attract the attention of the most clever and powerful criminals in the U.S. Will Angela’s by-the-book courtroom process help them, or is Frank’s street justice their only safe path?


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