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Cover Reveal - Nightmasters: Change of Engagement

We are beyond excited to reveal the cover for Nightmasters: Change of Engagement, book two in the Nightmasters series, by Loran Holt!


by Loran Holt

Kelgan Defthand and his rather motley crew continue on their quest to defeat an unknown and terrible evil. Inexplicably, they realize they have undertaken this journey many times before, one that culminates in the same heartbreaking result. However, this time things are different. Very different.

Kelgan and his posse push forward, uncertain of the forces at work and where their journey will lead. They are expecting the same places, faces, and traces of evil, but an enormous surprise awaits them. Many have changed, even those they have known well. A mysterious ship takes them to an even more mysterious destination, where they are manipulated by the same forces as before, but a new challenge awaits them: "Others" seem to have intruded.

But who are they? Can they be trusted?


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