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Cover Reveal - The Hero

We are thrilled to reveal the cover for The Hero, by Pamela McCord!


by Pamela McCord

Angry after finding her boyfriend in a compromising situation with another woman, author London Calloway is finished.

One day while browsing the LA Times, she is curiously captivated by a picture of a handsome soldier. Staring at the photo, she ponders the differences between her rich playboy boyfriend and the soldier, who looks like a hero. Looking for a new story idea, London has a vivid dream about being rescued by the man in the picture and realizes he’s the inspiration she’s been looking for. A book about a hero is just what she needs, and she puts her heart and soul into writing it.

London wishes she could find a hero of her own. Fate steps in when chance encounter brings London face to face with Justin Beckett. Is their chance meeting the beginning of her wish coming true, or was that wish always an unattainable pipe dream?


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