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Meet Our Newest Acorn Author—Maggie Master

We are excited to introduce you to Maggie Master, author of the YA novel, THE HOPELING, slated for publication in March 2025!


by Maggie Master

Ipsa hates reading human prayers.


Unfortunately, that’s the eternal task she’s been assigned. 


An angel in the Prayer Reading Department, Ipsa must read and sort a never-ending flood of earthly requests before delivering them to the mysterious Answering Department. Unlike other prayer readers, Ipsa finds most humans—known as hopelings—annoying and their prayers forgettable. 


Until she stumbles upon one prayer she’s not supposed to read. 


Its cryptic message sparks her curiosity. Ipsa can't quite understand why she feels so drawn to the fourteen-year-old boy who sent the prayer, and she becomes determined to find him. As she searches for clues, she uncovers a host of secrets that lead to an unsettling question: Why are so many prayers going unanswered?


In a race against time, Ipsa must decide how much she’ll risk for a hopeling she’s never met.


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