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Meet Our Newest Author, Leslie Ferguson!


by Leslie Ferguson

COMING November 2021

Seven-year-old Leslie has a major problem: her mentally ill mother is trying to kill her.

Leslie must fight to keep herself and her little brother safe. Controlling the chaos becomes her main goal, but her rebellion angers her mother, and her obedience results in terrifying consequences. Leslie’s grandparents step in to help, and her mother improves with medication. However, when the paranoia returns, her mother sweeps the house for bugs and writes raging manifestos about the impending Communist takeover. She believes Russian spies are coming to rape, torture, and murder them all. To evade capture, she forces them to stay awake, to speak in whispers, and to spend cold nights in parks. When Leslie and her brother are separated and placed in foster care, a glimpse of hope dissolves into despair... until, in a stroke of luck, Leslie meets a teacher who shows her unconditional love is possible, even without the bond of blood.

When I Was Her Daughter chronicles one girl’s frightening childhood journey through her mother’s madness and the broken foster care system, where only the most resilient succeed.


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