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RELEASE DAY - Pekin Dewlap The Problem at Wisteria Gardens

Book 3 in the Pekin Dewlap Mysteries, by Pamela McCord comes out today!

Follow along with the Pekin Ghost Adventures with this fun new novel!

The Problem at Wisteria Gardens

A Pekin Dewlap Mystery

by Pamela McCord

The ghost haunting Wisteria Gardens Antiques appears to be a charming and loving mother who can't stand the thought of being separated from her son. But appearances can be deceiving. The Ghosties are moved by her expression of devotion, until they discover the truth. Her attachment to the real world has nothing to do with love. As the teen ghost hunters struggle with the case, Althea's determination to stay threatens their very lives. Will Pekin, Scout, and Amber convince the ghost to move on before it's too late?


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