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RELEASE DAY - Reign of Silence

USA Today Best-Selling Author, D. Fischer's Reign of Silence, the second book in her Heavy Lies the Crown series comes out today!

Be sure to grab your copy!

Reign of Silence

by D. Fischer

There are rumors of a crown that will show the true whereabouts of those who were chosen to replace the gods. A crown that once belonged to the late queen of shadows.

Nefari Ashcroft doesn’t care about rumors. She plans to take it for herself because with it, she can claim what’s rightfully hers: Her title as her peoples’ fated queen.

First, Nefari must travel to her kingdom - a kingdom that hasn’t witnessed a living soul for a decade. This harrowing journey will test everything and everyone she thought she knew.

It was prophesied that the shards of a broken kingdom will find the fated queen, but what if these shards slice deeper than glass?


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