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Cover Reveal - Honkytonks and Fishing in the Wild West

We are thrilled to reveal this cover for Honkytonks and Fishing in the Wild West, by Aaron C. Anderson!

Honkytonks and Fishing in the Wild West


Aaron C. Anderson

More than a decade after returning home from Afghanistan, Jake Freeman is still tormented by the emotional consequences of war. Desperate for a better life, he enlists the help of a VA doctor who prescribes a motorcycle tour of the Western States. Jake hopes an adventure like this can quiet the chaos in his mind, so he leaves his familiar world behind and rides his Harley north toward Bend, Oregon.

On his journey, he realizes it may take more than fishing in majestic rivers and dancing at great honkytonks to free him from the trauma locked inside his vault of memories. As he encounters fellow veterans and dangerous detours, he gets glimpses of what a meaningful life could look like. When Jake discovers he has been running away from the exact things he wants most, he decides to change course.

However, healing isn’t a linear journey. Will his mental anguish consume him? Or will he be able to rise out of the past and follow a road toward a place where love and joy exist?


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