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Cover Reveal - Sinners and Saints

We adore this amazing cover for the third book of the Secrets & Promises series by Anna Wilcoxson!

Cover by

Sinners and Saints

Anna Wilcoxson

In the picture-perfect town of Scheggino, Italy miracles do happen…

Handsome and easy going, Agostino Urbino, has a life most would envy. He spends his days serving up delicious meals, coordinating weddings, and romancing women at his villa-turned-hotel high in the Umbrian hills.

When he meets Anna Wilson, the American who has just bought an apartment in her grandfather’s hometown, his comfortable little world turns upside down. Despite her slew of buried relatives in the local cemetery, Agostino sees a woman who sticks out like a sore thumb and has an annoying habit of stirring up trouble. Though they come from two different worlds– she is an independent city girl and he comes from a long line of farmers – Agostino decides to help Anna connect with her local relatives.

On the journey, he makes startling discoveries about his own past that make him question everything. As the two dig deeper into the history of their beloved region and their families, they stumble upon long-hidden secrets, including the story of an abandoned monastery from one of Italy’s darkest moments. Unwrapping shocking answers, they find themselves being drawn together despite their differences, making them believe anything is possible.


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