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Meet Our Newest Acorn – Sondra Rice Newman

We are excited to announce our newest Acorn, Sondra Rice Newman, whose novel, CERTAIN SENSIBILITIES: A LOVE STORY, is slated for publication this September.


by Sondra Rice Newman

Retired librarian Elizabeth is resigned to spending her remaining days in a nursing home. Not long after her arrival, her passions and emotions are awakened by Cary, a young attendant.

Despite their age difference, they begin a remarkable relationship. Their uncommon liaison elevates Cary and Elizabeth to new heights of self-knowledge, enabling their bond to develop into a deep, intense devotion.

Haunted by memories of a domineering, class-conscious mother who forced her into a loveless marriage, Elizabeth is conflicted. Though eager to follow her heart, she must overcome hurtful gossip and deep insecurities about how to spend her twilight years.

Cary, reared by a single mom, is also challenged by numerous pitfalls, including an ultimatum that could endanger his union with Elizabeth.

Certain Sensibilities is a timeless love story about choosing a soulmate over adherence to social norms and what happens when two kindred spirits are granted only a brief time together.


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