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Kids Questions About Life Book #2 Release!

"Mommy are monsters real?" It's an easy question to answer, but somehow the words "no honey" don't seem to sink in. That's why we love the newest book in Agnes Deglon's series, KIDS QUESTIONS ABOUT LIFE! Book two in the series, WAIT FOR ME! WOULD YOU MIND? focuses on all aspects of the mind, what it is, what it does, how it works and what we should do with it.

Not only has it won 1st place in the Royal Palm Literary Awards, it's actually mother-approved!

KIDS QUESTIONS ABOUT LIFE is a series geared to answer all the crazy questions we get asked.

We strongly believe it is a children's book that EVERYONE should read, and we're very excited to be releasing it TODAY!

Get your copy by clicking the link below!


WAIT FOR ME! WOULD YOU MIND? is the second installment of a series on body, mind, and soul, called Kids’ Questions about Life. It is an educational book written in simple language for parents, teachers, and kids who are pondering the deeper, more complex but yet so essential issues of life: an early introduction to who we are and how the mind works. Explaining the complexity of the human mind to children can be quite challenging. Abstract concepts, thoughts, ideas, imagination, focus, and attention are made more tangible and easily understandable through a family of bears. As the bear cubs ask questions, Mommy Bear and Daddy Bear seek to answer their little ones with simplicity and honesty. The awareness that we perceive the world through our limited senses and that there is more out there than what we initially think helps broaden our horizons and open us up to a greater reality. Knowing about the mind’s way of thinking and becoming aware of the presence of more than we perceive is essential. The mind becomes our tool rather than our identity. We become more capable of distancing ourselves, of choosing what we want to believe and what kind of information to feed our minds.



Agnes recently had an article published on Red Tricycle! Check it out:

Don't forget to visit her online at

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