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One of our favorite things to do at Acorn is show off our fabulous covers, RICOCHET by author David Kennedy is no exception. We are absolutely in LOVE!

- - -

Brenda Roseberry is young, brilliant, and relentless, but her moral compass is radically skewed. Recruited by the secret government agency Special Crimes Response And Mitigation, she dispenses depraved justice to the streets and the corporate boardrooms of America.

Whether globe-trotting to exotic locales or prowling the dusty backroads of California, she strikes fear into the hearts of her targets, employing disguises, devious technology of her own invention, and deadly fighting skills.

Her only friend, an MS-13 gangster, manipulates her even as he assists her. Will the dark secrets of Brenda's adolescence and the shocking truth behind SCRAM destroy them both?

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