NEW AUTHOR - Barbara A.K. Franklin

We are lucky to have such an intelligent and wonderful woman on our team! Welcome to the team Barbara A.K. Franklin!

BARBARA A.K. FRANKLIN, PhD is a specialist in communication for change. She is a researcher, writer, consultant, trainer, and coach. Founder and Director of All One Communication, Dr. Franklin has conducted in-depth audience research, developed advocacy and communication strategies, and designed campaigns for change, working with United Nations, international NGOs, social marketers, community groups and individuals worldwide for over 25 years.

Dr. Franklin gives presentations, leads Ageless Workshops and Lose Your Age Retreats, and coaches groups and individuals in choosing ageless, authentic lives.

She currently divides her time between San Diego, California and Chiang Mai, Thailand. When not working, she is likely to be dancing, swimming near a coral reef, at the movies, or traveling in search of new adventures.

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How to Lose Your Age for Good

You don't need an age...

No adult does. You are going to love what you see without those strange and distorting "age glasses" you have been wearing. Take them off completely and look into a brave new world with no age and no limits.

Ageless challenges our cultural obsession with numbers and sets out to change the world one person at a time.

Join conscious men and women everywhere in experiencing the freedom of an ageless life and never think about age the same way again.

Facebook: Ageless: How To Lose Your Age for Good

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