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NEW RELEASE - My Name is Rose

“A Rose by any other name is still a Rose.”

Today, this Rose has bloomed! We have waited so long and are beyond happy to present to you "My Name is Rose" by author Alexa Kingaard. One reviewer writes "I love how the story took me through a lifetime of maturity and the ebbs and flows of relationships between parents and children over the course of a life." Congratulations Alexa, it's here!

My Name is Rose

by Alexa Kingaard

Rose is unsettled, curious, and bored. Life in a hippie commune is her parent's dream come true, not hers. She doesn't share their passion for living off the land, nor does she enjoy the isolation that is thrust upon her. When she convinces them to send her to public school in the nearby town, a new world opens up to her. As she pursues her education, Rose chooses a different path, leaving her parents heartbroken at her insistence they are hiding something from her. She's convinced her father isn't the man her mother married. Although she finds love far away from her roots and upbringing, her wounds only deepen as she keeps her family at arm’s length. What she loses during those years can only be retrieved with her understanding that “a Rose by any other name is still a Rose.”

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