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COVER REVEAL - Chasing Beverly by Ashlynn Cubbison

We've been dying to share this cover, and now that it will be featured in SD Voyager Magazine, we officially get to! Congrats to Ashlynn Cubbison! Her debut novel, CHASING BEVERLY will be out in September, and this is the lovely cover. We couldn't be happier.

Chasing Beverly

By Ashlynn Cubbison


Two people. One chance to let it all go. Seeking redemption, Beverly Morgan has spent the last four years building an empire that was someone else's dream. Devoted to her work, a handful of friends, and an array of charities, she’s been able to lock away her heart and convince herself it's dead. After an unthinkable tragedy, Beverly should know by now that a single day can change everything. She can't run from love forever. Gavin has it all, a thriving business, phenomenal family, supportive friends, but an hour with Beverly Morgan makes him question his entire life and his own happiness. She could be exactly what he needs, if she's brave enough to open up again.

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