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NEW AUTHOR - Danielle Harrington

After meeting Danielle at the Southern California Writers' Conference, we've all been secretly hoping she'd come our way. We fell in love with her writing and her fun personality the moment we met her, and it feels like OUR dream come true that she's signed with Acorn Publishing.

Danielle Harrington is a high school chemistry teacher with a passion for the pen and a knack for storytelling. She got her undergraduate degree in Chemistry at Biola University, and although she's a hardcore science nerd, she's always been a lover of the arts. She grew up acting and singing and has turned her love for drama into writing. Danielle lives vicariously through her characters and considers it great fun because she "gets to play all the parts". Danielle lives in LA with her husband and two cats, Moose and Turtle. She is working on a young adult dystopian fiction series, and she's beyond thrilled to join the Acorn family!


The Hollis Timewire Series, Book 1


On the morning of her 16th birthday, Hollis Timewire receives the worst possible news. She can't become a citizen of the world. She's a Diseased One.

Born with a biomarker that bestows dangerous, brain-altering powers, Hollis is forced to hide underground with other Diseased Ones, who believe that the government falsified history to cover up their genocide.

Now Hollis must discover the truth, and is willing to risk anything, including her powers, to go back home.


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